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Thanks to ALVAO Asset Management oncomed now has a clear overview of both IT and non-IT assets

oncomed manufacturing, a.s., a member of medac group, is a Central Europe-based expert in aseptic processing of oncology injectables in clinical and commercial scales. They produce and distribute high-quality drugs to hospitals and doctors. Their products help patients diagnosed with cancer all over the world. Jiří Zbranek, Head of the IT department, had to navigate through Microsoft audit shortly after he joined the company. Although they were able to pull all the data together from multiple sources and various spreadsheets, one thing was clear to him in the audit aftermath: “This way of working is unattainable in the long term”.


oncomed’s steady growth brought an increasing number of technologies in use. Monitoring all the assets kept getting harder in this fast-paced environment. At that time, the IT department relied on manually updated spreadsheets which is hardly an optimal way to handle the inventory. It was easily prone to human error and did not provide a structured and visually compelling overview of the data.

The IT department led by Jiří Zbranek sought a forward-thinking solution that would meet the company’s specific needs better and resolve a growing burden. Emphasis on efficiency and reliability is the normal way of operating in such a heavily regulated business as pharmaceutical production clearly is. After thoughtful consideration and market research, they chose ALVAO Asset Management to overcome the above-mentioned challenges.


The company’s key requirement was to integrate the ALVAO solution into the existing IT infrastructure. “The time of isolated monothematic applications is over,” explains Jiri Zbranek. “We needed Alvao to fit well with the rest of our infrastructure. Thanks to REST API support this was an easy task”. ALVAO Asset Management was implemented together with the Configuration Management (CMDB) module. This allowed them to record logical relationships between software, hardware and services.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire process of implementation was run online. “It was our first fully virtual project at oncomed completely deployed online. But I was really satisfied with the quality of the implementation and with the straightforward approach of Jan Fiala who was our assigned Alvao consultant,” Zbranek said. 

Thanks to Alvao Asset Management, oncomed now has a clear overview of not only IT assets but also the company’s phones, keys, and watches. „The product fulfils all that we need in IT service management. It is flexible and capable of customizable integrations with a lot of functions reflecting our needs. That ultimately adds value to the company’s operations" Zbranek commented. The implementation of ALVAO Asset Management (benefits of IT Asset Management) resulted in a meaningful, clear, and regularly updated overview of asset data and thus clearly helps to improve the documentation of IT systems. This serves as a basis for decisions regarding upgrades, reductions, or hardware and software replacement. It also saves a significant amount of money and helps avoid potential service disruptions.



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