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Unified records ensure data quality and reduce costs 

Manage all your operational asset records with one tool, easily and transparently. Get rid of cumbersome spreadsheet records. The system ensures data integrity and quality. 

Thanks to its data tree structure, you’ll have an orderly department in no time

You sort assets in ALVAO by using an item tree structure. You can completely customize the item tree to your own needs. It can reflect the hierarchical division of the company as well as the geographical distribution of sites by premises. 

Register any sites and features

With ALVAO, you have complete freedom in what items, features and attributes you record. Be it computers, contracts, cars or submarines, it’s up to you. You can create any items and record exactly their properties, those that you make use of. 

With advanced rights management, everyone sees only the information they ought to

All responsible workers can use the one tool. Advanced rights management ensures that everyone sees only the items and properties they are entitled to. 

Tuned to the Microsoft environment

The data is automatically synchronized with Microsoft Active Directory. Our SCCM connector can draw information from this popular tool. 

Have complete HW info for high quality user support 

Don’t leave equipment lying about in stock

You’ll know exactly where each device is, so none need be wasted in stock. Avoid losing equipment when an employee leaves or when you rent out some assets at a trade fair. 

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Better user support

Confusion breeds user mistrust. Help colleagues quickly deal with problematic devices by having all relevant info to hand: end of warranty period, incident history, equipment location on the premises,  

Speed up incident resolution with configuration management

In a crisis, you need quick incident impact assessment. ALVAO supports logical links between objects. This makes it easy to see how individual technical elements impact technical services and the visualization gives a clear idea of incident impact. 

Asset history

Thanks to comprehensive asset history info, you can make qualified decisions about whether to repair a broken device or replace it completely. You know exactly who owned it throughout its life cycle, how many times it was returned for repair and how many incidents were associated with it. 

Get all software under control 

Don’t waste funds on licenses you do not use

Reveal spare licenses and save on buying new ones. ALVAO supports various license models and automatically assigns licenses to installations. It automatically alerts you to all problems, so you don’t have to worry about audits and checks. 

Put an end to pirated software and security risks

Get timely warnings about unauthorized or dangerous software on your company’s computers. With ALVAO, you can easily scan your entire network, including computers outside the intranet. Perform your own software audit. 

Keep your software product library up-to-date

We update the software product library with dozens of titles every week. Thanks to the ability to report unrecognized software directly from ALVAO, we have data from tens of thousands of computers. 

Before  Asset Management deployment 

Scattered records using Excel 

Looking for info about a device only when there’s an incident 

Licensing chaos represents a looming financial risk 

After  Asset Management deployment 

One true picture of all assets 

Having all the information at your disposal immediately 

No need to worry about audits 

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