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One single point of contact for 16,000 employees of the Financial Administration

The Financial Administration of the Czech Republic consists of the General Financial Directorate, the Appellate Financial Directorate and the Tax Offices in individual regions. The Financial Administration of the Czech Republic, with its 16,000 employees in 160 locations, takes care of all tax administration for the Czech Republic. Altogether, it includes 15 tax offices and several other workplaces. In an organization of such scale, the lack of a unified system for all internal processes was distinctly an issue. At the end of 2017, the Financial Administration opted for ALVAO Service Desk.

What were the customer’s issues and why?

What were the customer’s issues and why?

The aim of the project was to create a central system for collecting user requests. Prior to that, several different systems were in operation in the organization, and the suppliers’ systems were used for key applications. Other apps remained unsupported. In addition, the civil service always has to deal with meeting legislative requirements – the main information system in the organization is part of the critical infrastructure of the state and as such requires demonstrable management of requirements from its users, of which there are 16 thousand.

Testing the system in a non-IT environment

Due to the large number of requesters, one of the conditions was to make request entry as simple as possible. This was imperative for getting staff buy-in and uptake, full use of the system, so the requests entered through other channels would be reduced to a minimum. Since most employees have never met with any Service Desk function, it was first necessary to verify usability from the point of view of users and solvers, so a non-IT domain of work was chosen as the pilot agenda – the Buildings Operational Security function of the Central Bohemian Region Financial Administration body. 

Petr Grochol, Director of the Application Systems Department, explains the reasons behind this decision: “This is a complex process in which requests are categorized both according to the organizational structure and according to where they are coming from. Moreover, the process is outside of IT. We wanted to verify that ALVAO could handle it. Putting in the system met our expectations and we were able to embark on wider implementation with confidence.”

Benefits for the customer

Entering requests for minor repairs, etc., met with a positive response, so it was possible to add other services from IT areas. Currently, the Service Desk provides 40 local and global services, including support for the most important application in Financial Administration – ADIS. Financial Administration staff appreciate that their requests do not fall by the wayside and get resolved within the agreed deadlines, the resolution teams have clearly set priorities and an overview of their own work. Our vision is for ALVAO Service Desk is for it to gradually become a one-stop-shop for all requirements, not only for IT, but across the entire organization.