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ALVAO digitized paper requisitions at the Czech Government Office

The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic is the central body of state administration. Its tasks are connected with the professional, organizational and technical support of the activities of the Government of the Czech Republic and its various bodies.

What were the customer’s issues and why?

A large administrative burden of the entire office also means a large number of requests to the IT department, so they needed to find a tool to best facilitate communication between IT and other departments. The Office of the Government provides services to the Government as a whole, so it is in charge of tasks related to government meetings (preparation of the meetings and agendas, supporting documents and their registration, meeting minutes etc.) Other duties of the Office include cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic, the Office of the Senate of the Parliament, the Office of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament, ministries and other administrative authorities, and other state and public bodies and organizations.

ALVAO digitized the Czech Government Office with ALVAO Service Desk

When Jan Braunstein joined the Government Office in 2018 as the Director of the Department of Informatics, he found that the current state of request assignment was awkward and inflexible. Employees of the Office of the Government could make their requests only by filling out a form in the Filing service, which the assistants manually transcribed or copied into the existing helpdesk solution.

Jan Braunstein, the Director of the Department of Informatics, admires the simple administration of ALVAO.

This took several minutes per request, and since the applicants did not have access to the helpdesk, they did not know whether their request was being dealt with and what resolution stage it had reached. As soon as the IT worker closed the request in the helpdesk solution, the assistant had to find the corresponding request in the Filing service and manually close it. The work of the IT department was also complicated by not having an SLA, so as to clarify lead times and deadlines for resolving requests.

At present, ALVAO Service Desk has 600 users and primarily serves IT needs at the Czech Government Office

Jan Braunstein was familiar with ALVAO from his previous job: “During my time at the General Financial Directorate, I came to admire the simple administration of ALVAO – how it was possible to set up the workflow as needed, the system being fully configurable by the user.” That experience was relevant to the new Service Desk tool selection procedure, and this particular product turned out to be the winner, most competitively meeting all the requirements.

Benefits for the customer

Controlled testing was required before ALVAO went live. An illustratively scoped Service Catalogue was installed, allowing IT solvers to verify real-world functioning, and Service Desk compatibility with their context. The test project was a success, so nothing stood in the way of completing the Service Catalogue, training users and making the Service Desk available to all employees, who began to submit various tickets right away. One crucial aspect of user acceptance was the operational feedback, whereby an applicant would learn of any change in – or could verify, their request status. The original helpdesk tool was discontinued shortly after the beginning of the ALVAO implementation, and now serves only as an archive.

At present, ALVAO Service Desk has 600 users and primarily serves their IT needs. “We use Service Desk to resolve all IT requests. I look to ALVAO for more responsive dealing with requests, the ability to log the workflow and faster communication with users. I very much appreciate the ease of delegating to another solver, which is not necessarily easy to do regarding documents. It used to be rather complicated and the Filing service is not best suited for such operations. In ALVAO we can relay tickets as and when needed. Colleagues also appreciate the friendly user interface and simple reports, while the solvers welcome the option to work from mobile devices outside the Office,” Jan Braunstein sums up the project.