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The Vysočina Region has expanded its cloud portfolio with systems for requests and asset management

The Vysočina Region is a higher territorial administrative body consisting of five former districts (Havlíčkův Brod, Jihlava, Pelhřimov, Třebíč and Žďár nad Sázavou). There are 704 municipalities in the region, of which 15 have extended powers and 26 are municipalities with delegated municipal authority.

What were the customer’s issues and why?

Based on the demand for new services from budgetary organizations, the Vysočina Region decided to expand the services of the Technology Centre of the Vysočina Region (TCK). A survey showed the organizations were looking for applications to manage requests and their workflow, as well as the registration and monitoring of IT hardware and software assets. The ALVAO Service Desk and Asset Management systems met their demanding specifications, winning the tender.

“The deployment of ALVAO Service Desk and Asset Management in the private cloud of the Vysočina Region is a key project that has taken us forward in this direction as a company, and today we also provide ALVAO in the form of Software as a Service, SaaS. We are glad to help the Vysočina Region to provide better services, which makes an inspiring example for other regions in the Czech Republic,” comments Jiří Janků, ALVAO solution architect.

Together with our partner AUTOCONT, we implemented a solution where the emphasis was on easy application operability, which users can rapidly master. The new app is accessible from a variety of devices, including tablets and phones. Another key requirement was the need to provide the entire application in the form of a service (SaaS) for all the contributory organizations of the region. Along with this requirement, it was necessary to ensure the ‘multi-tenancy’ of the solution – allowing multiple entities to share the same instance of the application.

“Providing SW in the form of SaaS in a private cloud to all contributory organizations was a great challenge for the Vysočina Region. It is a technically quite demanding activity involving elements of extensive system integration. ALVAO was a contributing party to a large project and, it must be said, one of the most reliable SW partners,” comments Petr Pavlinec, Head of the Informatics Department of the Vysočina Region.

Scope and documentation of the project

The Regional Authority is the legal founder of dozens of organizations and their goal was to allow them to use the software without the need to have their own servers or having to install it locally. The new application is integrated into the IDM system of the Region, enabling central control of access rights. For login access to the application, they use the VysocinaID group identity allowing the user to use a single username and password, as in their home organization.

“We have implemented a number of solutions from several suppliers in the project. The project leader Jiří Sláma played a key role in this project. He ensured that everything was solved to deadlines and with the required quality,” is how Jaroslav Krotký, Head of the Database and Application Administration Department of the Vysočina Region judges their cooperation.

“It was a very interesting experience for us to have the system tested so intensively. Based on the test, we made the application even more secure. I’m happy that our application has successfully passed penetration testing in the regional authority environment,” comments Jiří Sláma, Project Manager, ALVAO.

An essential part of the tender was the requirement for certification of the application to ITIL® 2011 standards, and being able to distinguish L1, L2 and L3 support levels while ensuring information security. One requirement was that the application be designed as a web with simple input of requests and the option of subsequent monitoring of the process status of individual requests, as well as the creation of statistics and SLA parameters.

The project also includes an Asset Management product, for the management of assets and their technical records. Users can easily take a look at their entrusted assets, including SW licenses. The system allows for checking SW probity. Thanks to its integration with the Service Desk, it is possible to see which service operations have been performed on each device.

“The Vysočina Region is a very demanding customer. We had to meet high expectations both in terms of functionality and of security, documentation, training and application control. We are glad that the customer is satisfied with both the delivered solution and the services provided by AUTOCONT and ALVAO,” is how Jaroslav Dvořák, Director of the AUTOCONT Regional Centre, evaluates the cooperation.