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Managing the IT department of SEW Eurodrive s.r.o.

SEW-EURODRIVE has developed to become one of the leading manufacturers in the field of drive automation, with a turnover of about €1.8 billion. Today, SEW employs more than 115 employees in the Czech Republic, including its own design, servicing, machining and assembly staff.

What were the customer’s issues and why?

What were the customer’s issues and why?

The ongoing expansion of the company, the arrival of new employees, the purchase of new and, above all, more software, meant that the existing record-keeping in an office application ceased to be timely. That is why the technicians of SEW-EURODRIVE CZ s.r.o. were looking for a reliable, clear-cut and time-saving solution. The head of the IT department, Jaroslav Poupal, had the benefit of experience with ALVAO Asset Management from his previous job and this made his choice very clear.

Scope and description of the project

ALVAO Asset Management is used by SEW-EURODRIVE CZ s.r.o. to register the assets of more than 100 employees in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The same employees also use the ALVAO Service Desk to make requests for technical support. Thanks to these tools, only 3 technicians are needed to take care of all IT assets and staff support. They are the first to admit this would not have been possible without ALVAO. The implementation went smoothly. SEW-EURODRIVE CZ s.r.o. uses the Microsoft platform, which ALVAO is fully compatible with, and so no fundamental issues have arisen.

Which qualities does the customer appreciate the most?

Which qualities does the customer appreciate the most?

  • Clearly laid out information
  • Simple intuitive operation
  • Up-to-date information about company assets
  • Object-oriented architecture
Benefits for the customer

Benefits for the customer

“Thanks to ALVAO, we’ve been able to effectively respond to the needs of the company during its expansion, avoiding problems and saving ourselves work when new staff were hired. Now we have a perfect overview of the resources and their users. In addition, these users know exactly what assets they are responsible for and any problem solving takes place faster,” says Jaroslav Poupal, Head of the IT Helpdesk at SEW-EURODRIVE CZ s.r.o.

Project outcome – Quantified return on investment

Jaroslav Poupal, Head of the IT Helpdesk at SEW-EURODRIVE CZ s.r.o., calculates the return on investment as follows: “We managed to develop workflows across the entire company and thanks to ALVAO we have been able to follow them. Thanks to this, we have significantly saved money when buying and repairing assets. Previously, for example, we had to keep a hardware stock, so we could allocate to each staff member their work resources in a timely manner. Today, thanks to the implementation of the right processes, we have information from the HR department about the new employee well in advance and we don’t have to spend funds and tie them up on keeping assets in stock. We react flexibly and proactively. As a result, our investment in ALVAO has been recouped within the first year.”