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Discover how ALVAO supports your path to ISO 27001 certification and efficient resolution of audit findings

incidents solving in service desk

Effective handling of requests and incidents

All requests to the IT department go via a single point of contact. Have you ever been caught off guard by a security incident? Service Desk will guide you stepwise through relevant processes – so you react promptly and efficiently to the crisis and can nip it in the bud. Service Desk serves as a centralized management of security incidents with clearly defined processes for resolving them. Users report issues in a single point of contact, and solvers have an internally set SLA to which they must resolve the reported issue. The procedure is logged throughout and has a demonstrable audit trail needed for ISO 27001.

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asset tracking in IT asset management

Accurate asset tracking in Asset Management

In Asset Management, track and oversee IT assets including hardware, software, and contracts according to ISO 27001. You can also record asset-specific attributes such as the asset’s value and vulnerability and make that info accessible only to specified people. The auto-detection feature ensures that software and hardware information is always up-to-date, making it easier to comply with internal and mandatory regulations. In this way, you effectively identify key assets throughout the information lifecycle, including their creation, processing, storage, transmission, removal, and disposal.

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Clear access permission control and easy auditability

Curious how you can start your journey to ISO 27001?

If you like the sound of: 

  • Controlled permissions for acessing to sensible information.
  • Perfect audability of all user activities.
  • Robust reports analyzing risks and the impact of changes.

Then you've come to the right place. We can provide you with a advisory on how to get ISO 27001 with ALVAO.

Get ISO 27001 with ALVAO

change management in configuration database according of ISO 27001

Smooth change management in CMDB

With the configuration database, you have an overview of your IT infrastructure in just a few clicks. In the database, you can clearly see not only the individual elements but also how they fit into the entire system. This will help you, for instance, when setting the accessibility levels of the various services. Knowing their linkages and interdependencies, you can easily determine all the elements that the given availability level must have. When planning changes, the configuration database helps you quickly determine the impact of shutting down one or other elements.

Discover the power of CMDB

Process security support in HR

Process security support in HR

When a new employee comes on board, they will be requesting facilities such as an entry card, a computer, a telephone, and access to sensitive data, and thanks to the Service Desk the request goes directly to IT, which needs to approve everything. Conversely, when an employee leaves, there is an automatic request raised, to return the equipment, including cancellation of system access rights. In the event of a job position change, a rule-driven request gets raised to change the permissions.

Take control of your HR workflow now

Additional ALVAO capabilities vital for ISO/IEC 27001

Overview of installed software versions

SW detection allows you to pinpoint which stations are running out-of-date or unapproved software, which can be defined using role-specific software profiles. If unauthorized software is found, a removal request is automatically initiated to the Service Desk.

Ensuring regular training of employees

Using the data you gain from ALVAO you can easily find out what security problems are most common, most risky, and what has happened and been done about it over the last several months. As a result, you are better able to plan appropriate training for employees and prevent security risks and incidents.

We rely on Azure Cloud

ALVAO runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud, which ranks among the most secure cloud solutions today and complies with all demanding ISO 27001 criteria.

Clear supplier management

Our tools can help you with supply chain records and related processes. Onboarding, offboarding, regular assessments - all this can be supported by tools in ALVAO.

ALVAO has already helped others to attain ISO 27001 certification

PPA Control

Read more about how ALVAO helped PPA CONTROLL to achieve ISO 27 001 certification and effectively resolve audit findings

ALVAO's cloud services are SOC2 certified

ALVAO's cloud services are SOC2 certified

The SOC 2 Type II certification demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving ourcloud security for maximal protection of customer valuable data. The audit also confirms that our cloud security practices, policies, and procedures meet the high security, availability, and confidentiality standards.  

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ISO 27001

Our products are ISO 27001 certified

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally valid standard that guarantees the safety of our products – through a certified audit, we have to pass.

Get Cyber Essential Plus with ALVAO

Get Cyber Essential Plus with ALVAO

ALVAO will help you identify potential security risks and meet the technical audit requirements necessary for Cyber Essentials Plus certification.


ALVAO is in the eGovernment cloud

Asset Management & Service Desk are included in the eGovernment cloud service catalog, which allows public administrations to purchase IT services centrally.

Start achieving ISO 27001 compliance now with ALVAO!



Take the first step towards ISO 27001 compliance with ALVAO by filling out the form. We will provide you with a consultation on how you can achieve:

  • Controlled permissions over access to sensible information.
  • Perfect audibility over all user activities.
  • Solid reports analyzing risks and the impact of changes.