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ALVAO's Tree Structure Makes IT Asset Management Easy

There is no doubt that managing IT assets can be a hassle sometimes and in some cases can seem like wrangling a herd of digital cats at times. Overflowing spreadsheets are causing crucial details to be lost. Here is where ALVAO Asset Management comes in, offering a powerful solution with an intuitive twist: the tree structure.
Jana Silarova

29. 5. 2024

Easy IT Asset Management with ALVAO's Intuitive Tree Structure

ALVAO replaces the classic table format with a clear and intuitive hierarchy - a tree. This structure mimics how we naturally think and organize things. Imagine your company as the tree trunk, with branches representing cities, departments, floors, buildings, or any other relevant category. Each leaf on these branches becomes an individual asset, like a specific computer or software license.

5 Benefits of ALVAO's Tree Structure for Streamlined IT Asset Management:

  1. Effortless Navigation: Assets are easy to find. The tree can be navigated by drilling down from a specific location to a specific item. You won't have to scroll endlessly or hunt through messy lists anymore.
  2. Crystal Clear Context: The tree structure inherently provides context. You instantly see where an asset belongs within the bigger picture, understanding its role and relationships.
  3. Streamlined Permissions: Granting access based on the tree structure becomes straightforward. Assign permissions by department, location, or any other relevant category, ensuring data security and controlled visibility.
  4. Automatic Inheritance: The tree works wonders for repetitive data entry. Define attributes at higher levels, and they automatically propagate down, saving you time and ensuring consistency.
  5. Flexibility: The beauty lies in its adaptability. You can structure the tree based on your specific needs, whether it's organizational hierarchy, physical locations, or a hybrid approach.

ALVAO IT Asset Management: Full Visibility & Lifecycle Tracking

ALVAO doesn't stop at the basic tree structure. It empowers users to fully customize the asset management experience. With the latest updates, ALVAO Asset Management now offers full visibility into your assets, allowing you to effortlessly track the entire IT lifecycle from acquisition to disposal within a unified platform. This capability enables you to avoid security concerns, minimize audit risk, and streamline the planning process for asset renewals. It is worth mentioning ALVAO's discovery capabilities. In this case, it is not necessary to enter the data manually, but rather automatic detection is in action. 

With ALVAO, you can automatically detect devices that run Windows, MacOS, Linux, copy machines and a variety of network devices. It is not just hardware that is tracked with ALVAO, but also software where significant cost leakages occur. With ALVAO Software Assistant, most of the work is done for you automatically.

With the tree-structured data, you can now manage even highly complex company structures based on not only the hierarchical divisions within the company, but also the geographical distribution of assets. Moreover, ALVAO's Configuration Management Database (CMDB) visualizes your IT infrastructure into diagrams, allowing you to track all the impacts of changes and failures.

Drag & Drop Asset Management: Simplify IT Asset Updates with ALVAO

With its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, ALVAO enhances operational efficiency. Keeping track of your assets has never been easier:

Drag and drop assets within the tree structure to update their department, building, or other relevant categories in real-time.

Reassign ownership: Transfer an asset to a new user to update ownership records automatically.

ALVAO 11.2: Enhanced IT Asset Management with AI & Intune Integration

With the integration of AI capabilities and Microsoft Intune, ALVAO 11.2 brings a number of new features and improvements to make your everyday work easier, such as control over all devices in Intune, object attachments at your fingertips, and a new documents register, enhancing the overall asset management process.

Nowadays, with companies having to face audits, ALVAO becomes useful since it is ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant. Instant access to real-time data with a few clicks. It saves time and money. It saves the IT team sleepless nights and nerves as well.

Simplify & Strategize Asset Management for Modern Businesses

In summary, ALVAO Asset Management has evolved to become a more comprehensive tool that not only simplifies IT asset management (hardware and software) but also adapts to the growing needs of modern company, ensuring that asset management is no longer a chaotic task but a structured, intuitive, and strategic process.

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