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Start tracking assets with 100%
accuracy – with ALVAO

ALVAO IT asset tracking tool provides full visibility into hardware and software. The intuitive dashboard centralizes monitoring and enables transparent inventory management, helping you identify surplus or low stock.

A visual way to keep track of assets

ALVAO is structured on a hierarchical tree model, designed to mirror the company's organizational hierarchy, geographical allocation of assets by premises, or any other preferred classification approach.

Configuration Management Database

Enhance incident and change management efficiency by meticulously monitoring relationships among individual assets and configuration items (CIs) – both physical and virtual. ALVAO's Configuration Management Database provides visual representations of your IT infrastructure, enabling you to trace the impacts of changes and failures comprehensively.


IT Asset Lifecycle Management

All asset handling is automatically logged in IT Asset Management, providing a straightforward way to track the equipment's complete history from acquisition to disposal. This offers a clear view of maintenance activities, simplifies equipment reliability analysis, and trace back data that is otherwise no longer available.

Gain valuable insights into your IT assets

Effortlessly visualize and analyze the accumulated data through our comprehensive IT dashboards and widgets. Tailor dashboards to specific use cases, such as hardware, software, security, vulnerabilities, and more. Choose from a range of pre-designed dashboard templates or customize your own, focusing on the key metrics essential to your operations. 


hardware asset management

Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

Track and manage the entire lifecycle of all your hardware assets, including physical and consumables. Know exactly where every piece of kit is – keeping no extra idle equipment in storage. Nothing gets lost or misappropriated, even if someone leaves the company in a hurry.

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software asset management

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Simplify how you purchase, deploy, maintain, and dispose of IT software licenses. ALVAO supports all licensing models and automates the licensing assigning exactly according to your requirements. This allows you to reduce the time and effort involved in efficiently providing licenses to those who need them.

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Trusted worldwide asset tracking software across diverse industries

Manage everything in one place using integrations

ALVAO unifies your asset data into a single source of truth, streamlining workflows with easy integrations.

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More features for effective asset tracking

Inventory Audits

Don't let the mandatory asset registration deadline stress you out. ALVAO can help you streamline inventory-taking and reduce the time it takes from weeks to days.

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Handover Protocols

Get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy and paper logs. Each new property entrusted to staff is confirmed electronically. This ensures smooth joiners, movers, and leavers (JML) process where no asset ever gets lost.

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Barcode Scanning

This feature enables quick and effortless scanning of asset barcodes, eliminating manual data entry and the risk of errors in asset records.

Better user Support

Have all the information about any problematic device immediately to hand to help your colleagues quickly – be it end of warranty, incident history, location of the device on the premises, whatever.

Agent & Agentless Asset Discovery

ALVAO enables detection of devices across local and global networks, providing a comprehensive, regularly updated overview of your hardware and software assets

Software Audit-Ready

Early warnings about unauthorized or dangerous software on company computers receive. With ALVAO, you can easily scan your entire network, including computers outside the intranet. Do your own software audit, before the official one. 

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