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Dr. Oetker: We have been using ALVAO for many years – and there is no reason to change

Dr. Oetker is a multinational food company that produces baking powder, cake mixes, frozen pizza, pudding, cake decoration, cornflakes, party candles, and various other products. To meet the local tastes and needs of their consumers, Dr. Oetker's brands offer both international and national products. Dr. Oetker CZ company IT is led by Jiří Vítek, who has been using ALVAO products since 2010. In order to facilitate their work, he wanted to get a unified company-wide system. The main distinction of the ALVAO Asset Management at that time was that it quite simply worked well and was easy for users to operate. This has earned ALVAO a loyal client at Dr. Oetker, who have been using the record-keeping solution for several years. These days, the product that provides ALVAO clients with hardware records goes under a revised name, but continues to provide the same reliable services as ever.

Records of licenses and physical equipment

At Dr. Oetker the IT issues to be addressed were fairly typical. ALVAO turned out to be a good choice. Originally, the Asset Management product was used in the company for recording the licenses of software used, but this need waned over time. The installation of the software came to be automated through another system, where the licenses were also recorded. Today, Asset Management is used not only for computer asset records, but also for recording corporate assets like phones and other devices. 

ALVAO adapts to your needs

Dr. Oetker CZ uses global IT systems largely provided directly by the parent company. These systems are modern and well-designed, but on the other hand are sometimes quite difficult to adapt to the needs of the Czech subsidiary and local users.

Long-term satisfaction and the right direction

“The great advantage of ALVAO product rests on allowing the processes to be set up in alignment with the company’s IT operation. I am satisfied with ALVAO products. They have been operating reliably for many years and make my work easier. I feel that ALVAO keeps going in the right direction.”

Jiří Vítek, IT manager