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AWT implemented a process management solution from ALVAO

Advanced World Transport (currently PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL) decided to significantly change the way their IT functions, and a new IT Director joined the company – Pavel Drozdek. The new director joined AWT with the aim of managing IT according to international standards, implementing a “cultural change” within the IT team, and transforming IT into a service provider.

What was AWT trying to achieve?

The goal of the new project was to implement a process management solution that follows best practice (ITIL and ISO 20000), including the implementation of a suitable software solution, which would support the Service Desk processes as well as IT Asset Management (CMDB). The client selected the ALVAO solution. This software is well integrated with the Microsoft platform and is the only Czech product to follow the ITIL methodology (PinkVERIFY).

Project scope and plan

The team consisted of six people on the vendor’s side and seven people on the client’s side, led by Libor Košec, who transferred from the Project Manager role to the Service Delivery Manager role after the project finished. Many more people were involved in the project. On the client’s side, the project involved practically all of its IT employees (approx. 20). The project implementation was carried out at two locations.

Training as the key to success

The project was unique in the sense that throughout the entire project emphasis was put on the training of all key IT employees for the relevant segments of the ITIL methodologies. The training was tailor-made for consumers, in order to invest time into explaining the segments of ITIL in AWT that are actually used, and not to waste time on generic, untargeted training. Targeted workshops were coordinated to match the software implementation schedule, so that the theory could immediately be applied by executive IT employees. This approach showed that the approach towards ITIL must be a sensitive decision and the ultimate goal should be considered.

The user-friendliness of the solution is what AWT most appreciated

User-friendliness, especially for requesters, was one of the things that was significantly emphasized during the project. For example, accepting a call by the operator is supported with phone exchange integration. As a result, a dialog for entering a new request immediately opens for an incoming call. The operator directly sees who is calling, and what the current or open requests of the caller are. “The deployment of ITSM methodologies and of the product that supports them has helped us to become highly organized. Internally, we currently divide life in IT into the era before ALVAO, and the era with ALVAO,” says Libor Košec, Service Delivery Manager at AWT.

Deployment result

The configuration database was filled during the course of the project and as of the launch date it contained 13,000 objects (CI) and 88,000 log records (change log). A total of 148 requests were submitted in the first 9 workdays alone out of which 124 were resolved within the first several days. A satisfaction survey was completed for 6 of these requests i.e. a 4% feedback rate. This confirms that the new system was well received by employees and used intensively.

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