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ALVAO handled software detection perfectly – even Linux was no problem

With more than one hundred years of tradition, Madeta is one of the largest dairy product manufacturers in the Czech market engaged in milk processing and production of dairy products. The company employs more than 1,600 employees, while their IT manages 550 staff computers. Approximately a quarter of Madeta's production is exported abroad, to Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, European Union countries, Asia, Africa, and America.  In addition to hectolitres of milk, there is something else to be found in Madeta – a quarter of their computers are running Linux. And it was this diversity of systems that tipped the scales in favour of an ALVAO product for Madeta asset management – it performed best in their evaluation.

They had outgrown their freeware tool for asset records management

Madeta had been using an application built on a freeware solution, but this had reached its limits. To allow better planning, they needed to detect the status of their computers in more detail. They needed to record not just the hardware used, but also its memory, processor, etc., as well as the software.

The whole situation was made more challenging by having Linux installed on about a hundred computers. In the end, this proved to be the decisive factor in their record-keeping software selection process. ALVAO Asset Management handled Linux detection the best. “Our cooperation with Mr Fiala of ALVAO was straightforward and pleasant right from the start. We set it all up and have been using the record-keeping SW for a year and a half. We are entirely happy,” says IT manager Jan Čerkl.

In Madeta, ALVAO Asset Management keeps records of computers and mobile phones – of which there are about 500. QR codes have also been set up during deployment to facilitate physical inventory-taking time and again. Now, each machine has its own registration number, and information about its condition, age and licenses readily accessible.

“I expect the QR code labels to make our asset verification much easier going forward. We are currently working with our ALVAO consultant to supplement our records with license numbers. We already do register some licenses, but this is work in progress. Our goal is to get a complete overview. When planning, we will then be able to rely on a detailed understanding of both hardware and software,” says Jan Čerkl.

The software overview also helps detect illegal versions of software that employees may sometimes try to use. This detection significantly simplifies life in the corporate IT department. “We have an effective tool for quickly detecting unsanctioned software and can react immediately,” adds Jan Čerkl.

A perfect overview allows for better planning and sound investments

Thanks to clear information about the number and versions of software used, IT is now much better able to plan the purchase of new licenses. Reliable records make work easier not just regarding software. “Thanks to the fact that we also monitor the age of the hardware in our records, we are now much better able to plan the regular renewal of laptops and other equipment. We are clear about what and when we will need to buy. For example, we will soon be updating several of our oldest desktops,” concludes Jan Čerkl, a contented IT manager.