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Discover how to track IT assets and obtain data you can trust

Do you track hardware (PCs, switches, monitors, laptops...) in multiple Excel spreadsheets? Is it difficult to figure out where a device is and who is using it with just a few clicks? Not to mention asset history including repairs and change of ownership? Is your software license management painfully disorganized? Do you lack data for budget planning?

During the upcoming 30-min Webinar, ALVAO Senior Consultant will provide you with practical examples how to:

  • Manage IT asset life cycle with an easy to understand logical tree structure to reduce IT costs
  • Have in hand a complete asset history - its repairs and ownership with a few clicks
  • Use electronic handover protocols for joiners, movers and leavers process (JML)
  • Have an overview of who is using which software
  • Reduce inventory audits from weeks to days
  • Easily prepare a budget or report based on data from Asset Management

We will discuss strategies to solve real-life problems that we encounter with customers everyday.

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Webinar: Manage IT department effectively with ALVAO Service Desk

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