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Vysočina Regional Authority inspired by exemplary solution implementation

The Vysočina Regional Authority public sector organization was interested in streamlining the management of IT and other support processes. They were looking for an application to manage requests + keep records of their HW & SW assets. The Vysočina Region, therefore, decided to expand the shared services they would offer to their ‘contributory’ [part public funded] organizations from the Regional Technology Centre.

The Region will be offering ALVAO

The Region will be offering ALVAO

From the outset, the plan was for the Vysočina Region to act as service provider for its organizations. The management of requests had been resolved within the Regional authority itself, they did not need a new Service Desk, and would only be inviting proposals for their organizations + the subsequent implementation of products for them.

ALVAO for contributory organizations

We responded to the tender with our ALVAO Service Desk & Asset Management products, together with our partner AUTOCONT. Having met all the solution provider prerequisites – like cyber-security or implementation into the Region’s private cloud, we won the tender.

Everything is running on the Region’s private servers

The Regional application offers a service (SaaS) for all contributory organizations – no one needs their own servers. Together with this requirement, it was necessary to ensure the multi-tenancy of the solution – the ability to share the same instance of the application with multiple entities while separating their data. This we also took care of.

Connection to VysočinaID

The applications are integrated into the Region’s IDM system, allowing central access rights management. Login is done via the VysočinaID identity federation, allowing the user to use the same username and password as in their home organization, with reduced risk of compromised sign-on credentials.

The entire solution runs on two servers

Two servers were set up: one is for the application – a web interface for the contributory organizations, plus one database server, in which requesters can apply for products that the Region subsequently implements at the client. We managed to technologically consolidate to a single application server for all the contributory organizations – which means less work during implementation, upgrades and supervision, fewer security risk, error messages, etc.


The Region had high regard for ease-of-use of the application, for swift user uptake. The new application is accessible from a variety of devices, including tablets and phones. In addition, ALVAO products are operated much like tools from the Office 365 family, which organizations often use - so users know the application interface and don’t need complicated training.

Fine-tuned security

Security was a crucial requirements aspect. Part of the contract was to be subjected to a breach of security test battery, to the OWASP standard (Open Web Application Security Project).

During these tests, a hacker tries to break through the security of the system in order to gain data, access to the system, or crash the application. First anonymously, without knowing the login to the application, then with login. The testing was carried out by people from Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín – and ALVAO products passed the tests with ease.

ITIL Certification

An essential aspect of the tender was the application being certified to ITIL® 4 standards, and being able to distinguish L1, L2 and L3 support levels while ensuring information security.

The requirement was for a web application design with simple entry of requests and the possibility of subsequent monitoring of the status of individual requests, the creation of statistics and SLA parameters.

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Reference site implementation at Pelhřimov Hospital

Reference site implementation at Pelhřimov Hospital

The first sample implementation was carried out in the Pelhřimov Hospital. We have experience with the technical requirements of hospitals and medical facilities, so we chose Pelhřimov as an exemplary case for the Region’s other organizations. This had been the last remaining hospital in the Region not yet using our products.

The Vysočina Region technical staff liked our solution so much that they revised the Service Desk for the Regional authority – opting for the ALVAO one.

The Vysočina Region chose ALVAO

The Region became interested in replacing their existing HelpDesk, which no longer met the requirements of the Region and their ever-growing portfolio of services. After our successful implementation in the Pelhřimov Hospital, the Region gave preference to our solution.

We have trained the Region’s technicians

Several training sessions were held at the Vysočina Region, which was to implement the solution in their contributory organizations. During our demonstration implementation, technicians from the Region had been watching closely. They learned how to create a service, SLAs, and had further follow-up training. We develop our tools with user-friendliness in mind, so the training went smoothly and without complications.

We helped the Region migrate their data to Asset Management, including history, automation and migration scripts, but thanks to our training, they managed the rest themselves. They only came to us for advice.

“The Vysočina Region is a very demanding customer. We had to meet high expectations both in terms of functionality and of security, documentation, training and application control. We are glad that the customer is satisfied with both the delivered solution and the services provided by AUTOCONT and ALVAO,” is how Jaroslav Dvořák, Director of the AUTOCONT Regional Centre, evaluates the cooperation.

Havlíčkův Brod Hospital jumped at the opportunity

Havlíčkův Brod had already been using our solution and purchased it. When they learned of the option to come under the Regional project, they swiftly joined in, migrating to the Region’s shared environment. The money thus saved on the operation and maintenance of their own servers can be redeployed e.g. on other IT development projects.

Evaluation of the implementation and our vision for the future

Other contributory organizations in other Regions may lack high-quality support infrastructure, in terms of information technology. The Region is running our system without major help from ALVAO – the technicians are trained, able to create new forms and work independently, which is the goal of each of our projects.

“In this project we have implemented a number of solutions from several suppliers. The project leader, Jiří Sláma, played a key role. He made sure that everything was resolved to due deadlines and quality levels,” is how Jaroslav Krotký, Head of the Database and Application Administration Department of the Vysočina Region summed up the cooperation.

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