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On-demand CMDB WEBINAR | Optimizing IT Infrastructure: Enhancing Tracking, Efficiency, and Security. WATCH NOW!

How ComAp created a single point of contact for all in-company requests

Discover how your IT can become a strategic business partner. In the webinar, Vaclav demonstrates how IT at ComAp has undergone a cultural transformation to become an integral part of the organization's success.

  • Does the starters/leavers process take too long and nothing is ready on the first/last day?
  • Is your IT workload difficult to monitor due to a lack of data visibility?
  • Is the integration of your current ITSM tool with Microsoft 365 cumbersome?

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • How the ITSM tool can speed up starters/leavers process. Vaclav will show you how easy and fast it is to onboard/offboard employees.

  • How to use Power BI reports integrated with ALVAO ITSM tool to get an overview of the IT workload such as Service Health, IT backlog, and customer satisfaction.

  • How ALVAO ITSM solution can leverage your investment in Microsoft 365 environment.

Our speakers

Chief Digital Officer | ComAp

Vaclav Chaloupka

Vaclav is a member of ComAp’s Executive Team, globally responsible for the Digitalization, IT and Facility Management.

He has more than 15 years of experience with managing IT in global companies such as DHL or MSD.

Solution Architect | ALVAO

Jiri Janku

Jiri has implemented a number of successful transformation projects in the field of IT Service Management, where he always looks for an optimal relationship between people, processes and tools.

Business Development Manager | ALVAO

Jan Skrabanek

Jan started his career doing IT Asset Management at IBM. Through a succession of ITSM-related roles, Jan moved to a business development position where he helps customers discover the value Alvao brings to their IT operations.