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With the help of ALVAO, Accace employees can fully rely on their IT

Accace was founded in 2006 as a local accounting firm with 36 employees. After almost 15 years on the market, they have grown into an innovative provider of comprehensive consulting and outsourcing services and currently employ more than 600 professionals, with over 2,000 clients worldwide.

What were the customer’s issues and why?

Initially, Accace had completely outsourced their IT. As the company grew and this approach proved insufficient, a distinct IT department began to emerge within the organization. With staff numbers growing, it was time to rethink the organization and provision of IT services. With one shared email inbox, which received up to 5,000 emails per month, IT staff had difficulty tracking the number of tickets being resolved and users became dissatisfied. Each of the branches paid a monthly fee for the central IT services provided, and the initial situation made it hard to tell whether the funds spent corresponded to the service delivered. A solution was needed that could measure services and make IT a reliable service provider, and a transparent partner for the rest of the business.

Scope and documentation of the project

Accordingly, two products have been implemented for this customer: Service Desk and Asset Management. One of the determining factors in choosing ALVAO was the interconnection with Microsoft technologies, since the Accace IT infrastructure is migrating to Microsoft Azure. ALVAO thus beautifully fitted into this migration. The Czech branch went live with the system in April 2019 and other countries progressively joined in. Currently, more than 600 employees use ALVAO products within Accace and 700 computers are licensed in Asset Management.

The aim of the Service Desk deployment was primarily to provide users with a comfortable way to communicate with the IT department as a single point of contact. By allowing users to choose from a clearly defined Service Catalogue and clearly seeing what stage their request resolution is at, the work of IT is given more transparency and trust.

Matěj Juhás, IT Manager, evaluates the service desk deployment very positively: “The implementation of ALVAO has greatly improved how IT support is being seen by management and staff. This has been helped in particular by the consistent communication between IT and the departments and detailed information about the resolution status of user requests.” Filip Abík, team leader of the Service Desk team, also praises the significant improvement in the situation: “Users themselves are making suggestions about what else they’d like covered by the Service Desk.”

With the deployment of the new system, it was natural to reorganize the department – defining staff team allocations and responsibilities. “We consider the project to be very successful – it has initiated beneficial change, significantly improved the workflow of IT departments, and communication with users. Our present way of working is streets ahead of where we were at the beginning (using a mailbox) and we’d never want to go back – ALVAO Service Desk enables us to do our work much better and being more transparent, only improves the trustworthiness of our IT department.” comments Matěj Juhás.

Which qualities does the customer appreciate the most?

Asset Management has ensured there is a unified record of all IT assets. This gave Accace control over the tangible and intangible IT assets they manage. This has also included the automated collection of information about HW configuration and installed SW products at the workstations. The administrative burden around new hardware applications has also been reduced, while at the same time ensuring cross-linkage to currently assigned kit (service requests, etc.). Thanks to the fault history of our assets, it has become possible to set HW life cycles and better plan prospective IT investments. These relevant supporting documents for budgetary planning have in turn minimized unexpected expenses throughout the year. Employees also appreciate being able to confirm equipment handover online, as well as how simple it is to establish which IT assets they have been entrusted with.

At present, ALVAO (Service Desk) is used primarily in the IT function, to a lesser extent in the Development department; with planned further rollout, especially to support the personnel function.

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