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ALVAO as a tool for IT change at the University Hospital in Ostrava

The University Hospital in Ostrava [FNO] holds a leading position among medical facilities in the Czech Republic. It is the largest state-run health facility in the Moravian-Silesian Region and provides health care for 1.2 million people. To treat patients, the FNO uses state-of-the-art instrumentation, follows modern trends, and has quite involved and effective treatment programs available. One of the great benefits is the maximal comprehensiveness of therapeutic procedures, from diagnosis through self-treatment to after-treatment care.

What were the customer’s issues and why?

As outlined above, such a range of services is of course associated with an unusually large staff level (potential users of IT resources), comprising over 3000, and the corresponding quantity of IT equipment. This was hampered by the perceived tardiness of IT services, including their records of it, and the related insufficient logging of IT assets, all considered largely unsatisfactory.

ALVAO Service Desk and ALVAO Asset Management deployment at the University Hospital in Ostrava

After looking at available options, they chose the ALVAO solution. The reasons for this decision were primarily the following:

  • Coverage of required functionalities including mutual integration of ALVAO Service Desk and ALVAO Asset Management products
  • Customization of product parameters, partially developing it in-house without need of supplier intervention
  • Acceptable price, compared to the products of global multinational suppliers

Scope and documentation of the project

The implementation was to cover IT services and IT assets (benefits of ITAM). Before starting the project itself, primary targets were defined:

  • Definition of service parameters and metrics evaluation
  • Demonstrable recording of all requests
  • Complete and relevant data on requests
  • Monitoring of requests for individual HW and SW components
  • Overview of the number of requests by service/organizational unit of the applicant
  • Records of time consumed by IT staff on both services and projects

As part of the implementation, all the objectives were met and gradually other functionalities were added in-house, such as:

  • Presentation of SLA fulfilment and other statistics on the company intranet, via SharePoint
  • Presentation of the IT Services Catalogue on the intranet
  • Generating a time sheet (attendance for payroll accounting) for IT staff, from data entered into the Service Desk

Which qualities does the customer appreciate the most?

  • Flexibility of the solution and the scope for own enhancements, e.g.:
  • Ability to parameterize the individual services
  • Ability to add own customer fields to existing forms
  • Ability to connect own programmed forms
  • Stability of the solution – no more operational problems
  • Joint product development on the basis of discussions at regular supplier seminars.

Because the response from users was very positive, the rollout was progressively extended to include on the Service Desk portal the services of the technical and operational department, such as technical equipment maintenance, relocation or repairs of medical equipment.

Benefit for the customer – quantified

“Thanks to the deployment of ALVAO Service Desk, the work of the IT department is more efficient, as managers have an overview of what their subordinates spend their time on, can identify the most time-consuming activities and so focus on their optimization,” says Tomáš Gregor, IT Services Manager at FNO. Staff appreciate the speed of request resolution, within the SLA agreed deadlines. Problem-solving is no longer ad hoc, and the provision of IT services is based on rules, which are followed.