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Solution by Sector

Industry & Manufacturing

Utilize IT management tools to automate the production process. Increase production, reduce downtime, and maximize output.

Software & Technologies

Integrating professional asset management and helpdesk tool into your tools will streamline your internal operations.

Finance & Banking

Provide a single point of contact for requesters and solvers to manage large numbers of office assets.

Hospitals & Healthcare

ALVAO can handle data security requirements and streamline the specific operation of healthcare facilities.

Public Sector & Government

Bring the public office into the digital age with ALVAO. Consolidate IT requirements across a city or region with our products.

Digital University

Onboarding students and run the university smoothly with ALVAO. We are a Microsoft preferred solution provider and an EUNIS partner.

ALVAO solutions for IT Service Management

Not in one of the industry segments we’ve mentioned? Don’t worry. Our ITSM solution can automate routine processes and streamline your work. See how our products simplify IT processes for thousands of businesses.

Asset overview and lifecycle info available in a few clicks

Forget about dated Excel spreadsheets and confusing property records. With Asset Management, you know exactly what assets you have, who is responsible for each and where they are located. Get an overview of every device from acquisition to disposal, all the info in one place.

Save time and work in (and beyond) your IT department

Our ITIL-certified Service Desk brings all requests and messages together via a single point of contact. No more scattered emails or phone calls. Requests from the whole company are automatically categorized and directed to the right solvers. Maximize your department’s potential.

Tuned for Microsoft 365

Are you used to Microsoft 365 but don’t yet have a tool for your helpdesk or professional asset management? Do you want to maximize the value of your investment 100%? Then ALVAO is the solution for you.

Using our products is much like MS Office – users find it familiar straight away.

We develop our solution with Microsoft 365 integration in mind. ALVAO works directly through extensions to MS Outlook and MS Teams, as used across your business.

Company-wide solutions

Organizations that manage processes with our ITSM


“We were looking for a solution that would cater for all the company’s support processes, not just for IT. That’s why we decided for the ALVAO Service Desk and Asset Management, thanks to which we can keep track of packages, hardware and other equipment.“

Petr Němeček, IT Manager, LINET Group SE

Sozialgruppe Kassel e.V.

"By implementing ALVAO Service Desk and receiving exceptional support from ALVAO team, we have consistently improved the efficiency, quality and profitability of the departments in a timely manner. We also successfully streamlined processes for change, incident, release and problem management."

Christoph Becker, Chief Information Officer, Sozialgruppe Kassel e.V.

PENNY Market (REWE Group)

„We monitor and evaluate the performance and quality of each and every service from the business standpoint. This is how we manage to maintain the existing services at a high level without the need to bolster our IT staff with new hires.“

Tomas Kriz, Head of IT Service Desk, PENNY Market (REWE Group)

Vysočina Regional Authority

“Providing SW in the form of SaaS in a private cloud to all contributory organizations was a technically quite demanding activity involving elements of extensive system integration. ALVAO was a contributing party to a large project and, it must be said, one of the most reliable SW partners.“

Petr Pavlinec, Head of IT Department, Vysočina Regional Authority

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