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Key benefits of ALVAO Enterprise API


The feature uses REST architecture, popular for its scalability, simplicity, and support for a wide range of formats, offering high flexibility for your ideas.

Interface specifications

The API offers a wide range of operations depending on whether the API is used for Service Desk or Asset Management. To learn more about the interface specifications, visit app.swaggerhub.com.

Highly Secured

Azure Active Directory login and authentication offers a high level of security for your data and accounts.

Connect your business applications with ALVAO

Maximize the use of Asset Management data

Utilize and share data about your assets from Asset Management:

  • Always have data available for accounting or ERP systems
  • Perform inventory using a mobile app
  • Identify users quickly with the ID manager
  • Keep up-to-date records of your IT infrastructure in one place.
  • Create other customized solutions

Systems integration with Service Desk

The API performs operations such as reading, adding, editing, or deleting data from Service Desk. This makes it easy to integrate ALVAO Service Desk into ERP, ID manager, IT infrastructure monitoring, other service desks, and virtually any other application

Accelerate communication and Incident Management with ALVAO REST API

Your supplier operates through a different service desk, but with our API, you can effortlessly communicate and centralize all interactions in one place.  

The API has multiple applications. For instance, when an incident occurs, an IT infrastructure management tool can automatically create a request in Service Desk. However, its versatility extends to any scenario requiring direct communication between applications and Service Desk.

Meet the experts

ALVAO is your all-in-one solution for Microsoft 365 integration and beyond  

ALVAO seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 products and effortlessly connects to various ERP and other systems.

With the powerful combination of Enterprise API and Custom Apps, you have the freedom to tailor the out-of-the-box solution to your exact requirements. Easily code custom functions for Service Desk or Asset Management using templates, automate repetitive tasks, and trigger specific actions across different applications. The possibilities for customization are endless, making ALVAO the perfect fit for your unique business needs.

<p>ALVAO is your all-in-one solution for Microsoft 365 integration and beyond &nbsp;</p>

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Unlock the power of Integration: Connect your apps to ALVAO

Jan Skrabanek

Business Development Manager

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  • Expedited data sharing
  • Cutting resolution time
  • Optimized IT infrastructure

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