Support and services

Support and services

Our consultants and specialists provide a complete portfolio of the services associated with deploying, operating, and maintaining the ALVAO system, and also those associated with corporate IT management.

1. Implementation of the system

We understand that the deployment is a very important phase. We focus on quality implementation and the involvement of the whole team together with fast visible outputs. We use the latest agile methods for project implementation. We recommend not to create complex analytical documents, but all outputs from workshops immediately set up the system so that the customer can immediately use and verify their accuracy. This applies both to the service catalog and SLA Process. Thanks to that also accelerates the ROI on the project (see graph)


2. ITIL consultations

Our consultants are experienced with many international companies. They are familiar with implementing ITIL methodologies into IT teams. Their practical experience can be used both during the realization of a project and during real operations.

3. Product consultations and training

Our specialists provide consulting services associated with the technical aspect of the ALVAO product, and consulting services for Service Desk and Asset Management in connection with company IT processes and workflows.

4. Integration with other corporate information systems

ALVAO specialists provide services associated with integrating the ALVAO system into other corporate systems, such as economic information systems (ERP), human resource information systems, etc. They are capable of migrating the original data and of adapting the appearance of portals to accord with your standards.

5. Maintaining the library of software samples

Our licensed specialists update the library of software samples on a regular basis. We provide our customers with a service for detecting all new software, thereby relieving them of the need to create any samples.

6. Controlled system upgrade

Our specialists will be delighted to safely upgrade the system, that first starts in a test environment. They train you for the new systém and its functions. Then, the system is converted into full operation, minimizing possible impacts in full operation.

7. Deployment to other departments

Our consultants also have experience in the operation of the system outside of IT, for example, teams that are in charge of: fleet, building, marketing, human resources, etc. They can help to extend the scheme to those departments.

8. Technical support

Our specialists are prepared to respond to your technical questions and to resolve technical issues related to ALVAO products. You can choose from several support levels (SLA).


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