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Main benefits

Improved reporting capabilities

Daily automation saves valuable time and money

Smooth onboarding offboarding process

About Ripple Junction

Ripple Juction, an American e-commerce company, designs officially licensed T-shirts and apparel inspired by popular TV shows, movies, music, and pop culture brands. Since 1992, their products showcase iconic characters and logos such as ‘My Hero Academia’, ‘Fallout’, ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Doctor Who’.

In 2021, Ripple Junction became one of the 5,000 fastest-growing privately-owned companies in the US as recognized by Inc. Magazine. With rapid growth, Ripple Junction sought a helpdesk solution to support their expansion. The company is transforming from a small to a mid-size enterprise. Their previous platform struggled to meet the challenges. Consequently, they sought ITSM software to address the following key challenges. 


  • Overloaded IT support: The IT support faced a flood of work due to the absence of a self-service portal. Basic requests that could be handled through self-service overwhelmed the team, preventing them from focusing on critical tasks and growth-related projects.
  • Tedious joiners/movers/leavers (Onboarding-Offboarding) process: Managing this process was challenging for IT. Back-and-forth emails lacked organization, leading to delays. Miscommunication between IT and other departments (such as HR) often prolonged the entire process.
  • Cumbersome workflow management: Ripple Junction needed a more flexible workflow to accommodate various scenarios.
  • Inadequate reporting capabilities: IT was seeking improved reporting capabilities to have data in hand for conversations, especially with management, in order to make strategic decisions.


Ripple Junction has implemented ALVAO Service Desk to address all the above challenges, improving efficiency not only for the IT team but also for other affected departments.

  • User-friendly self-service portal: The IT team now benefits from a much-needed self-service portal. Basic tickets and issues are resolved through this portal, providing users with clear guidance on where to find solutions and how they are being solved.

“They know that when they submit a ticket, it’s not going into a black hole; it’s actually being worked on.”

— Joe Accardi, Systems Administrator

  • Knowledge base: Leveraging search terms from the self-service catalogue, the IT team creates knowledge base articles. Users can access these articles to solve problems independently, freeing up IT resources for more complex issues.
  • Service catalogue: Miscommunication issues and email back-and-forth are now history at Ripple Junction. The service catalogue ensures users submit tickets to the correct service, complete with predefined SLA metrics. IT can track issue resolution progress, saving time and reducing miscommunication.

As a bonus, the IT team is able to set up realistic expectations using SLA metrics to drive the business further and achieve goals such as predefined resolution times and defined processes for incidents or requests.

  • Elastic workflow management: Ripple Junction utilizes ALVAO Advanced Workflows, offering flexibility for customized processes that align with company needs and streamline joiners/movers/leavers process.
  • Power BI reports connected with data from Service Desk: Essential reports provide daily data and visualized graphs for the IT team and management. These insights from ALVAO Service Desk cover data points that didn’t exist before or didn’t even have a way of tracking them. Power BI reports from ALVAO ensure overall honesty with management, consequently ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

"I really liked that on the Power BI dashboard there's a tab for recent searches. I was able to take what people are searching for and build knowledge articles around it. That was fantastic."

— Josh Higaki, System Analyst


Overall, ALVAO Service Desk improved collaboration within IT and ensuring comprehensive information sharing. Additionally, it helped Ripple Junction's IT support maintain transparency with the business.

"Main point of pleasure - it does all the things that we talked about saying it will do. That's not always true with other platforms."

— Josh Higaki, System Analyst