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Effective ICT asset register at NOVA (CME)

CME is a media and entertainment company running leading businesses primarily in Central and Eastern European markets. CME was founded by Ronald Lauder in 1994 and operates 33 television channels, broadcasting to approximately 50 million people across six markets. It also develops and produces content for its television channels. In tha past, the customer used another provider’s application for registering software, hardware and all ICT assets. There were constant problems with this provider’s product, including error messages, non-functional exports, incorrect program associations, single person access to the database and long waiting periods after detections, all of which caused inconvenience.

Technical infrastructure of the customer´s network

  • number of PCs: approx. 1200
  • number of other devices registered: currently approx. 1500
  • number of locations: 3
  • number of system users: 11

Project scope and plan

  • Full overview of the customer’s ICT structure
  • ICT asset management
  • Unlimited access to database
  • Integration with other databases

Implementation schedule

  • System installation and training
  • PC detection and software overview
  • Software and hardware management

System implementation and training took one day, and the going live process started in January and concluded in March.

Customer testimonial

ALVAO Asset Management is used to register ICT devices and to inspect software and hardware. The system additionally allows users to create and edit custom attributes. It is simple, undemanding, and reliable. ALVAO is very cooperative and accommodating,” says Martin Chovan, IT System Specialist.