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Software audit and license register at CGI

CGI (previously LOGICA) were looking for a solution to effectively eliminate the risks associated with using illegal software. They wanted to have an overview of whether their number of licenses was sufficient and what software their employees had on their computers. CGI chose the ALVAO system as an auditing tool, and with this they achieved their desired results. “What I appreciate most about the ALVAO system is its extensive software pattern library which allows us to detect new software practically without doing any work. ALVAO extends this library on a regular basis and the contents are always up-to-date. This feature was crucial to selecting an auditing tool,” explains Erik Kykal, Service Consultant at CGI.

What was CGI trying to accomplish and why?

CGI wanted to avoid the risks and consequences associated with using illegal software, and to have an overview of the software their employees used on their computers. The goal of the software audit and license register project was to provide for the automatic inspection of installed software and to determine the proper licensing program.

Product description

CGI now uses ALVAO to monitor 600 PC stations at four locations. The implementation, in cooperation with ALVAO, was carried out in several phases. First, it was necessary to run the system on a specialized CGI server. Having established the corporate IT structure, CGI technicians prepared several scripts for the tracking of licenses on end stations. CGI was satisfied with the implementation process and the system fully satisfied their needs.

Which features did they most appreciate?

According to CGI technicians, the biggest asset of the ALVAO system is its extensive software pattern library, which is continuously updated. This means that technicians do not have to manually update new program versions. All they need is an up-to-date software library, which the ALVAO system downloads automatically. CGI appreciates the simplicity of the system, as it allows their technicians to access information quickly.

Customer benefits

The key benefit to CGI is the elimination of the risks associated with using illegal software. It is also useful to inspect what users have installed on their computers; the tracking capability itself is also helpful and has improved the way employees use company computers. Automatic software control saves technicians’ time, as they no longer have to inspect each PC individually. Continuous software control procured better negotiations with vendors and better licensing conditions.