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ITSM maturity test:
get your score and tips on how to improve

1. To what extent is IT management represented at the top level of the organization?

2. How would you describe your IT strategy and its day-to-day application?

3. How would you describe your IT culture?

4. Do you have well defined internal processes?

5. How do you evaluate your ability to accept new practices?

6. To what extent are IT processes and practices automated?

7. To what degree do IT systems support the daily work of IT operations?

8. How would you describe your knowledge capability?

9. How do you evaluate service asset and configuration management?

10. How would you describe your partner and supplier strategy?

11. How would you evaluate your ability to track supplier performance and price?

12. How good is your relationship with your suppliers?

13. How does our IT department communicate and which IT services do they provide?

14. How does user and employee experience work in the organization?

15. How do you evaluate service quality?

Get your results now

Submit your contact details and check your inbox. You will receive your IT maturity score and details of your current maturity model. 

Also, expect action steps to take your ITSM to the next level.

We are using anonymised data to build a benchmark report and will share it with you no later than 01.01.2023.