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ITIL (ITSM) Compliant IT Services

Modern organizations run their IT departments based on the tried-and-tested international standards known as ITIL. The use of these standards ensures not only effective IT management, but also ensures that incidents are avoided. We are ready to help you implement this change and select which ITIL processes to implement and to what extent, in order to maximize the benefits.

Proactive IT Management

IT managers tend to be overloaded with maintenance and technology change issues, leaving little to no time for proactive measures. Quite often they do not have the necessary information to identify persistent issues. The IT team is therefore relegated to “firefighting”, rather than working reliably and consistently. We can help resolve this situation by implementing IT problem-solving rules of engagement, and by bringing in systems to monitor what is going on. This will give you the wealth of information needed to make any necessary decisions, making your IT department less reactive, and more proactive.

Enterprise Service Management – ESM

Organizations often have to deal with requirements spanning across several service departments or support functions. One example could be the hiring of a new employee. In this case, it is imperative to notify all departments involved in time and in full, so that everything is prepared on the new employee’s start date, including IT equipment, telephones, buildings and systems access, a company vehicle, etc. We can resolve these and similar issues through workflow coordination by implementing ALVAO along with tried-and-tested processes, to ensure that all is booked and prepared in due time.

IT Services Cost Calculations

Corporate managements often have little overview of where their IT funding goes, of what services they can obtain, and of the quality of those services. IT department managers find it difficult to show that their IT funding is used efficiently to provide the best quality service. We can help resolve this situation by imposing IT service rules of engagement and by establishing monitoring systems to see what is going on. The charts and tables produced will make your IT services more transparent and will help your IT Manager become an effective partner to corporate management.

Hardware Asset Management

One of the challenges of today’s dynamic environment is keeping track of your company’s assets. Not being up-to-date can lead to needless and repetitive purchases, or even to assets simply disappearing. You can address this issue by deploying ALVAO together with some tried-and-tested hardware asset management processes that will ensure that information is always up-to-date for sound decision-making about equipment purchases.

Software Asset Management – SAM

Installing software can take as little as a few clicks these days. As a result, very few companies can easily tell which and how many software licenses they have a surplus or lack of. Without this information they are unable to purchase licenses correctly, or to select the most suitable licensing scheme. You can address this issue by deploying ALVAO together with some tried-and-tested software asset management processes, which will ensure that license information is always up-to-date, helping sound decision-making regarding the purchase of new licenses.

IT Audit

Top Management seldom know how well their IT department runs, and are left guessing whether or not to invest in IT, and how. We will perform an IT audit for you, and verify that your IT department functions at the level that suit your requirements. You will be informed how effectively your IT department runs, and receive clear suggestions on how to improve it.

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