Software Asset Management – SAM

Installing software can take as little as a few clicks these days. As a result, very few companies can easily tell which and how many software licenses they have a surplus or lack of. Without this information they are unable to purchase licenses correctly, or to select the most suitable licensing scheme. You can address this issue by deploying ALVAO together with some tried-and-tested software asset management processes, which will ensure that license information is always up-to-date, helping sound decision-making regarding the purchase of new licenses.

Software Asset Management is something that you can’t do without

Every day, IT specialists need accurate information about who is calling them, what devices the caller is using, whether or not the device is still under guarantee, where the caller is working, and  much other technical HW & SW information regarding the device and network connection. Accurate information is also necessary for sound decision-making regarding purchasing and planning.

With ALVAO you won’t have to deal with the most common issues

Many situations require accurate information on the status of SW licenses. Such situations can include accusations made by employees or competitors. These accusations are then handled by the police. Alternatively, you may be subject to a Business Software Alliance initiative, or need to meet the requirements of SW developers who include license transparency requirements directly in their EULAs.

In such cases, collecting all the necessary information can be very challenging. The information stored in ERP systems is often incomplete or useless. ERP systems are not primarily intended to track software licenses. Accountants often lack the skills necessary to manage software licenses, and often provide inaccurate information on the number of licenses and on their language versions. Different versions and upgrades are frequently confused. All this results in interrupted workflow. All the necessary documents need to be collected and the entire situation mapped. At the same time, it is necessary to map the current situation within the corporate network, as well as on every individual corporate PC. Accomplishing this in a limited time frame is extremely challenging, if not impossible. Failure to do so may result in severe financial consequences and/or criminal sanctions. Performing regular intangible asset checks is often impossible, and they are often performed only on paper, with little attention paid to the real situation.

ALVAO performs software asset management automatically

ALVAO Asset Management is a comprehensive system that helps leading companies manage their purchased licenses, and is affordable for businesses of any size.

ALVAO Asset Management also performs network license checks using a unique, non-agent technology. You can use agent technology for more distant locations in the network. Non-agent detection is a functionality that distinguishes our solution from similar systems. Traditionally, you had to install agents on all machines and be careful about which versions you installed. ALVAO can detect network machines using the Windows administration interface. This helps you to optimize system deployment and maintenance.

Company Asset detection

ALVAO uses asset numbers to integrate with the ERP and accounting systems. This ensures perfect data consistency between your Accounting and IT Departments. At the same time the accounting work is minimized because licenses do not have to be registered individually. This allocation is performed in ALVAO at the IT Department level.

ALVAO Advisors have deployed standardized processes for software asset management

During the deployment stage, our advisors will lead you step by step through the processes regarding requests for new SW, license purchases, and SW installation or uninstallation (based on ISO 19770 or ITIL). They will help you to create guidelines that define important rules and responsibilities, such as the rule that when you move a license from one machine to another, you must uninstall the software on the original machine. The deployment and management of these processes using ALVAO Service Desk will give you a comprehensive overview and complete control over your software assets. All requests, including approvals, will be clearly documented. All information on the actual status will be up-to-date and readily available.

Asset Management licenses and installations

Overview of Licenses and Installations

ALVAO is a modern approach to performing software audits

ALVAO supports both scenarios that were used in the past, i.e. when users had virtually no permissions on local workstations, and more modern approachs, where users have administrator permissions for various reasons, be it on local workstations for working purposes, or on laptops used for both work and private purposes. The old and obsolete scenario required IT specialists to have an overview of all installations. They used to have complete responsibility for this. The new approach has shifted this responsibility from IT specialists to end users, who are increasingly becoming a part of the SW auditing process. ALVAO handles this scenario with web-based portals that display the results of the SW audit to users of individual machines. Managers can display the SW audit results for their machine(s) and for all machines of all employees in their team.

Asset Management-My asset

Overview of tangible and intangible assets assigned to employees, including licenses

We use automated software auditing processes, as well as standalone SAM Manager technology

You will be surprised by the capabilities of the powerful and fully automated SW auditing process and support of the corporate SAM Manager provided by ALVAO Software Asset Management Assistant. This technology is fully automated and independent of human input. It ensures that all computers in your company are continuously checked, and corrects any problems found. It automatically assigns licenses, updates the software library, and notifies your employees of breaches of guidelines. Due to this smart and fully independent technology, the SAM Manager does not have to worry about anything, and has the SW audit results readily available.

Report SAM manager

Standalone SAM Manager Report, ready for print

If illegal software copies are no longer a concern for you, you can use ALVAO to take you to the next level and start following approved software: this means software that has been approved by Release Management (based on ITIL) and can or cannot be used in your company be it either commercial software or freeware. This is resolved by the Software Profile function, which enables you to assign a software profile to each individual machine based on its purpose e.g. CAD, DTP, Business (CRM), corporate management, etc. Profiles can be nested into one another. You can use the profile to define which software is required, approved or forbidden.

We know that a sizeable and high quality software pattern library shipped with the product is vital to save you time and to streamline your SW auditing process. ALVAO is fully automated and features one of the largest software pattern libraries on the Czech market, with the fastest update frequency.

Your staff will receive full ALVAO training

Our advisors will guide you through the entire ALVAO deployment process and the related methodologies. We will train your employees in using our products, and help you with your first asset stocktaking using the new system. In this way, you will receive a full overview of the hardware within the company, including that in any branch offices. Our deployment process will also help you identify software licenses that are used or unused.

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