ALVAO Software Asset Management Assistant

An indispensable tool for maintaining clean SW

If you have ever tried to introduce and maintain „license cleanliness,“ that is, strictly legal SW, in a company, you know what an impossible task it is. Today it is very simple to install new applications on computers. Users can be very creative. The IT team would need a whole range of assistants to monitor installed applications, determine who installed what and why, and then urge employees to remove applications. An elegant solution for this situation is the ALVAO Software Asset Management (SAM) Assistant, which provides a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence that monitors SW cleanliness in your organization.

How Does the System Work?

The system is based on a license registry in the ALVAO Asset Management system (marked 1 in the diagram). This registry also contains all people responsible for license cleanliness on specific computers or for a group of people. Subsequently, one can define SW products that should be checked automatically. ALVAO SAM Assistant can also be configured to assign and remove some licenses as part of a fully automatic process, as needed. This can save the IT team work with management of bulk-purchased licenses. ALVAO SAM Assistant assigns licenses in an intelligent manner and strives to assign the right license to the right SW installed while respecting the cost centers that are assigned to the licenses.

The ALVAO Server (marked 2 in the diagram), which is fully automated and needs no human intervention, handles all subsequent routine operations. The server uses network-based detection to collect information about installed SW from all computers. Subsequently, it recognizes which license is required for the detected SW using its library. If a program does not find a template in its library, it automatically requests an update from the central ALVAO Internet Server (marked 3 in the diagram), where an updated library of SW products is regularly made available online.If illegal SW is identified on the given computer (marked 4 in the diagram), an e-mail notification is sent to the responsible person about a breach of license cleanliness. This e-mail contains not only information about which software can be installed on a computer, but also information about alternative SW that is an approved equivalent substitute for the given product (see picture for a sample e-mail).

warning on illegal software

The respective computer is then subjected to more detailed monitoring. If the employee does not rectify the situation within a defined period, the ALVAO Server sends another notification, which is usually also sent to the employee’s manager.
The system can also be connected to the ALVAO Service Desk, and if a problem is repeatedly not resolved, an incident is created automatically (marked 5 in the diagram).
This entire process is carried out in batches to prevent unnecessary overloading of the SQL server, and can be planned to run overnight. Thanks to this autonomous intelligence, IT or SAM managers (marked 6 in the diagram) do not have to do anything; they just receive the results of an internal SW audit via an e-mail Report, as a PDF file (see picture for sample report).

SAM manager report

The system takes over the role of „watchdog“ and relieves IT employees of this unpleasant task. The ALVAO SAM Assistant makes it significantly easier for the IT team to maintain license cleanliness and is indispensable for the Software Manager or IT Manager in every company.

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