Service Desk

All request information
directly in Outlook


Work Directly from Outlook

A single environment for working with e-mails and requests

Work with requests without having to leave Microsoft Outlook. Upon clicking on any email, task, or meeting, you immediately see all the necessary information directly from the system and can perform any activity you need. Users no longer need to switch between applications, significantly speeding up their work and improving team organization. Thanks to this, the user cannot resolve a task that someone else has already resolved.

Task Meetings Made Easy

Load in e-mail messages and use them to create new requests or attach them to communication regarding a given request. Plan tasks or meetings directly in the Microsoft Outlook calendar. This provides a good overview of communication in a single place.

Local Applications and Web Interface

If you travel often, use the web interface. If you have higher demands and work with a lot of requests, try the local application. Both interfaces can be easily combined, and you will surely appreciate the shared settings for views and filters.

A Full Multi-lingual Environment

Do you work for a multicultural company? Then you will appreciate the option to change the system language based on the user’s preferences. The service catalog is also available in multiple languages. E-mail notifications are sent in the user’s language.

Linking With Microsoft Calendar

Just One Calendar

This unified calendar provides resolvers with their own capacity plan in a single place, in Outlook. This allows them to view planned events on their phones when traveling.

Easier Planning

As the operator, you can view online resolvers‘ calendars during capacity planning and add/modify events. The direct link to a Microsoft Exchange server makes assigning requests significantly easier and faster.

Start Right Away, No Training Needed

This application is simple, and work in it is similar to work with emails. The controls are very similar to Microsoft applications, and so you can learn how to use the system easily without expensive training.

Automated Non-resolution Notifications

If you often forget, you can set an alert for requests not being resolved. The system will then notify you of inactivity or an upcoming deadline. Alerts can be sent on a regular basis, but also all at once. It can also notify managers about pending approvals – and even notify requesters if their cooperation (response) is required. This function ensures timely resolving of all requests in accordance with an agreed SLA.

Approval and Workflow

Let us Guide You Through the Workflow

A resulting Workflow can be exported to Microsoft Visio for better control and can then be used in, for example, internal directives.

Approval for Better Control

Enabling approval allows you to prevent important requests from being resolved without the knowledge of the responsible person. Furthermore, you can define custom approval schemes or use templates.

Obtain Information from Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory is used both as a source of information about users and organizational units, and as a unified point that manages user roles and permissions within the ALVAO system. As a result, this native integration significantly reduces administrative tasks related to the system’s operation and maintenance.

Easy Request Entry

You can enter your requests easily on the web portal, where you can choose from a clear catalog of services. The system only offers the services that you can request. Requests can be sent via an email, which will be automatically loaded by the system. There is no need for users to fill out complicated forms, and all requests are found in one place.

Service Catalog Overview

Edit your service catalog to meet your real needs. Create any services, custom rules, processes, and permissions you need, and link them to email boxes. Universal access enables you to build a catalog even for large companies and across various departments.


Microsoft technology support

ALVAO Service Desk is developed on Microsoft technologies and according to standards. Our developers first of all consider how Microsoft would deal with the given issues and make sure that they do not duplicate functionalities, but create an integrated system which is easy to use. The resulting applications are then certified by independent authorities to ensure compatibility with the Microsoft platform.

This approach guarantees simple implementation and long-term management. The customer therefore saves money related to operating and maintaining the ALVAO system.

ALVAO Service Desk Modules

Case studies

ALVAO Service Desk fits seamlessly into the Czech Airlines corporate IT strategy

After the airline split from Czech aeroholding, a new IT infrastructure was created with an MS Azure cloud solution. The team sought a modern tool for management of IT services, which would go elegantly with the new environment. ALVAO was a natural choice.

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GTS ALIVE controls its IT all over the world thanks to ALVAO systems

About implementation of ALVAO Service Desk. It helps with definition of catalogue of services and basic processes which are based on ITIL methodic including SLA settings.

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Support and accounting of the IT services in HARTMANN – RICO

HARTMANN – RICO a.s. has opted for a qualitative change in the functioning of IT leading to greater transparency and, consequently, a better system of investment justification.

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IT in ASSA ABLOY uses ALVAO to control its internal processes

ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of complex solutions for locking door systems. During development and production, it places emphasis on security and simple control of its products so as to fulfill all the needs of users.

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AWT implemented a process management solution from ALVAO

The goal of the new project was to implement a process management solution that follows best practice, including the implementation of a suitable software solution, which would support the Service Desk processes as well as IT asset management.

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Managing IT in Penny Market (REWE Group)

The IT department Management of Penny Market went looking for some way to secure the resolution of all requests, while complying with SLA. After careful selection, the company finally opted for the ALVAO Service Desk system, as best suited to their needs.

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