Asset Management

Changes are made easily by dragging the object with the mouse

Start Right Away, No Training Needed

You can start right now without any training. This application is simple, and work in it is similar to work with files in the Windows file explorer. Locations are updated simply by dragging the device to a new location in the tree. The controls are very similar to Microsoft applications, and so you can learn how to use the system easily without expensive training.

Record What You Need

You can record any devices or services you want thanks to the open object architecture. For each object, you can specify which properties you need to record. The system is fully customizable and can be used also in other areas, not just IT.

Automatic Change Tracking

You can use change tracking for each recorded object. Everyone in your company can update information. At the same time, the history of all changes to properties, locations, and installations will be recorded for you to inspect. Regardless of whether the change was made by a team member or by the system itself based on network detection.

Meets the requirements of Czech Government Decree No. 624/2001

You can easily record both licenses and installations and print corresponding reports. In this way you can be sure that you meet the requirements of Czech Government Decree No. 624/2001. Furthermore, you have access to updated information when deciding to buy new licenses.

Connect with Experts

We offer a unique service where our experts use installation files to recognize the installed software product. With this, we make your SW audit much easier and provide you with a frequently updated library of software products of large overall scope

Software Asset Management

Artificial Intelligence at Your Disposal

Artificial intelligence ensures that all the computers in your company are checked continuously, and it corrects any problems found. It will notify about problem employees or can even assign licenses in accordance with pre-defined criteria.
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Easier Delivery

Delivering even large quantities of devices is very easy using a barcode reader. You no longer need to enter serial, inventory, or other asset numbers.

Obtain Information from Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory is used both as the source of information about computers, users, and organizational units, and as the unified point that manages user roles and permissions within the ALVAO system. As a result, this native integration significantly reduces administrative tasks related to the system’s operation and maintenance.

Involve Employees

Provide your employees with continuous online access to the register on our intranet portal. It enables them to see the assets they are responsible for and also the licenses they have or are missing. The portal interface looks similar to Microsoft SharePoint, and so it can easily be integrated directly into the organization’s full intranet.

Live SW Audit Assessment

The results from a SW audit can be seen in a dynamic dialog, not just a static report, and so you can continue performing further operations with the data, like assigning and removing licenses. You also immediately see all related information about computers and users. This makes searching for free or missing licenses significantly easier.

Assessment of SW User Licenses

You can both computer and user licenses. You can not only register user licenses, but also have them evaluated during a SW audit.

Obtain Information About Even Very Large Computer Networks

You can detect computers in the local network and online. Detection can be planned as needed and does not even require you to install agents.

Set permissions for your whole team

Set rights within a tree structure, and each team will then be able to take care of a different part of the company. If you set permissions according to the type of object, this will enable one team to be responsible for computers, another for servers, and another for example for mobile phones.

Automatic Generation of Computer Names

ALVAO Asset Management will support your naming convention for computers, printers, servers, etc. Simply define the numeric series, and the system will take care of naming the new devices. You can also use numeric series for registration or inventory numbers of registered devices. This way IT technicians are promptly informed, and conflicts within the network and Microsoft Active Directory are prevented.

Faster Resolution of Problems Using Visualization

Visualization of links among objects is especially useful when planning a change and when analyzing impacts during emergencies. It will help you improve the way you register dependencies for each technical component as well as their links to technical services, and also to the services provided throughout your entire organization.

Agentless HW and SW detection

ALVAO Asset Management includes a unique feature for obtaining hardware and software data without having to install or launch agents. This feature significantly saves time and potential issues with configuration, installation, and updates for agents on end stations.

Microsoft Technology Support

ALVAO is integrated into the Microsoft platform, thereby enabling it to manage internal permissions via Active Directory or to log users in automatically to all system parts with Microsoft Single Sign-On, i.e. without the need to enter a username and password each time. ALVAO Asset Management accepts employee and computer data from Active Directory truly seamlessly. All assets can be registered directly in the field using mobile barcode readers equipped with Windows Mobile and ALVAO Mobile Inventory. The collected data can then be simply compared to the data in ALVAO Asset Management.

ALVAO Asset Management Modules

ALVAO User Activity Monitoring

Measure Actual Active Work ALVAO distinguishes between the time spent on active work in software applications and the time when no active operations were performed (mouse movement, keyboard entry).

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ALVAO Web-based Inventory

This customer adjustment allows stocktaking to be carried out via the WebApp directly by the individual employees responsible for stocktaking.

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ALVAO Standard HW/SW Request Forms

The ALVAO Standard HW/SW Request Forms module supports the request process for pre-approved hardware and software.

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ALVAO Electronic Handover Forms

ALVAO Electronic Handover Forms is a module that allows electronic sending and confirmation of handover protocols – both electronically and physically (in writing).

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ALVAO Asset Management can easily be expanded with a module that integrates it with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

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ALVAO HW/SW Usage Monitoring

The HW/SW Usage Monitoring program provides an overview of how your computers and software are used. You can see how long each computer has been running for the past month and for the past 12 months (in hours).

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ALVAO Software Asset Management Assistant

ALVAO Asset Management can be expanded with ALVAO Software Asset. The Management Assistant module ensures that all computers in your company are continuously checked and corrects any problems found.

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ALVAO Configuration Management

The ALVAO Configuration Management module allows definition of the Link between objects in ALVAO Asset Management.

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ALVAO Mobile Inventory

A Windows Mobile application can be purchased alongside ALVAO Asset Management, which runs reliably on the Motorola MC3100 mobile terminal.

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Case studies

GTS ALIVE controls its IT all over the world thanks to ALVAO systems

About implementation of ALVAO Service Desk. It helps with definition of catalogue of services and basic processes which are based on ITIL methodic including SLA settings.

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Support and accounting of the IT services in HARTMANN – RICO

HARTMANN – RICO a.s. has opted for a qualitative change in the functioning of IT leading to greater transparency and, consequently, a better system of investment justification.

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IT in ASSA ABLOY uses ALVAO to control its internal processes

ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of complex solutions for locking door systems. During development and production, it places emphasis on security and simple control of its products so as to fulfill all the needs of users.

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AWT implemented a process management solution from ALVAO

The goal of the new project was to implement a process management solution that follows best practice, including the implementation of a suitable software solution, which would support the Service Desk processes as well as IT asset management.

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Managing IT in Penny Market (REWE Group)

The IT department Management of Penny Market went looking for some way to secure the resolution of all requests, while complying with SLA. After careful selection, the company finally opted for the ALVAO Service Desk system, as best suited to their needs.

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Effective asset management in AVG Technologies

AVG Technologies CZ wanted to introduce a new system for the ffective management of assets entrusted to employees.

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Software audit and license register at CGI

CGI (previously LOGICA) were looking for a solution to effectively eliminate the risks associated with using illegal software.

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