Proactive IT Management

IT managers tend to be overloaded with maintenance and technology change issues, leaving little to no time for proactive measures. Quite often they do not have the necessary information to identify persistent issues. The IT team is therefore relegated to “firefighting”, rather than working reliably and consistently. We can help resolve this situation by implementing IT problem-solving rules of engagement, and by bringing in systems to monitor what is going on. This will give you the wealth of information needed to make any necessary decisions, making your IT department less reactive, and more proactive.

ALVAO helps make your IT Department more proactive

Most issues originate from IT being misunderstood, or from IT experts not understanding their role. Many of them think that being on the phone all day long and being ready to answer users’ queries adds value to their organization.

Users often call experts who helped them previously. Top experts spend their valuable time on trivial problems, instead of fully devoting themselves to conceptual development. An erosion of expertise is often a consequence, as is a decreasing quality of support. The IT department is perceived as a different world, hidden behind a closed door, whose staff constantly fail to appear when you most need them. In short, when you need something, you feel you have to beg for help.

With ALVAO you won’t have to deal with the most common issues

IT is not always documented and can have unpredictable outputs. Development projects put on hold or not finished in time can have a serious impact on the entire organization and on its competitiveness. This can lead to a dissatisfied corporate management.

Work is efficiently distributed with ALVAO

It is clear from the above scenario that change depends on the approach of your IT staff and on them becoming more proactive. The goal is to enable your IT department’s staff to use tools and rules to better organize their work and to easily assign tasks to team members.


Before deploying the system we will perform an in-depth technology and process analysis, and we will propose the most suitable system configuration that meets your requirements. We will set up a request collection center, be it an Intranet portal, email or telephone line. The possibilities are limited only by the level of convenience that your organization wants to provide to its users.

With ALVAO things couldn’t be easier. We will install and configure systems based on your needs. Together we will delegate responsibilities, and all requests will be forwarded automatically to the correct members of your team. The system is very intuitive and the workflows are similar to working with emails.

The ideal scenario will be achieved by defining those people responsible for distributing requests to other members of the team. This will guarantee that no request remains unsolved, or without response or a timely resolution. The people responsible are usually operators. Those employees responsible will receive full training in administration and in the use of your systems in compliance with the proposed methodologies.


Managing requests in ALVAO

By using ALVAO you will receive a clear overview of who is working on each task and of the methods used. This results in better collaboration within the entire IT team. You will be able to delegate powers regarding operational support to specified team members without having to worry about a loss of control that might have catastrophic results.


Managing all IT equipment with ALVAO Asset Management

When deploying ALVAO Asset Management to manage all IT equipment and licenses, your IT experts will have all the necessary information about claiment and their hardware and software equipment. Your IT experts will be able to connect easily to the problematic device. This will increase the efficiency of them resolving requests and support tickets.

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We will help you deploy your systems correctly and quickly, and show you the best practice for the correct entry of data. We will perform thorough acceptance testing and you will receive a fully-fledged system, ready for routine operation. We will re-evaluate the operation of all of your systems after an agreed period and we will propose suitable corrective measures. The entire project will be overseen by a project manager and will be in line with PMBOK/PRINCE2 methodologies.

Once deployed, ALVAO will ensure that everyday tasks run independently. All events will be managed by rules set up in ALVAO. If there are any complaints regarding the quality of work of your IT department, you will easily be able to see whether the problem lies with your IT department team, or in a lack of cooperation by claiment. “Firefighting” will no longer be a concern: instead, you will be able to analyze what has happened and anticipate what comes next. Your hands will be free to work on development projects which constantly increase the quality of your IT services, and you will earn the respect of other managers.

Your staff will receive full ALVAO training

Our advisors, with many years of experience from both Czech and international IT departments, will guide you through the deployment of ALVAO and the implementation of new processes in your company. They will train your staff and help them get the system running smoothly. Then, they will analyze your requirements and needs, identify the most common issues, and propose the most suitable corrective measures. You will benefit from being able to watch the results and from being able to actively track improvements.

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