Information technologies and systems have become so important for the development of most companies that the CIO is now seen by many organizations as a key factor in formulating strategic goals. He is expected to creativity and innovation, he is a member of the company’s management and contributes to the development of new business opportunities and marketing. IT departments under his leadership ceases to focus exclusively on the internal operations of the company and startes to focus on external customers whose needs must be able to understand.

In short, CIO now has an increasingly extensive authority and must therefore seek to educate and develop professionally and personally. He must also prove to educate people in his team and motivate them.

CIO should be an inspiring example just by what he does and how he does it.


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  • New insights into the role of CIO in company
  • Inspiring recommendations on how to succeed in this role
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„I deleted all newsletters and now I recieve only yours. On this one I always give enough time. Inspiring.“
Henry Zimola – Local Director of AutoCont


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CIO Newsletter

Brings new perspectives on the role of the CIO in the company, inspiring recommendations on how to succeed in this role, advice on how to 'manage' IT staff, and news in the field.

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90-day plan for new IT managers

Experienced CIO, who give you clear answers to what to do when you are put into an IT management position and are expected to deliver quick and effective measures.

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