ITIL (ITSM) Compliant IT Services

Modern organizations run their IT departments based on the tried-and-tested international standards known as ITIL. The use of these standards ensures not only effective IT management, but also ensures that incidents are avoided. We are ready to help you implement this change and select which ITIL processes to implement and to what extent, in order to maximize the benefits.

ALVAO complies with global standards

If you want to run things effectively and economically, you need relevant, accurate, and quick information to give you a constant overview of what is happening in your IT department, and to keep track of your IT department’s communications with IT users. You need to identify and keep track of all the assets used by your IT department, both tangible (hardware) and intangible (software) ones. Where can you obtain such information?

A government institution in the UK, which needed to manage and fund its large IT department, asked this question in 1985. A group of IT professionals got together and defined a new standard called “Information Technology Infrastructure Library”, or simply ITIL. From that point onwards, this standard was developed further and became internationally recognized as ISO/IEC 20000. Today, most corporate IT departments are working in compliance with this standard.

IT departments managed this way are service-oriented:

  • The IT department works as an IT service provider
  • IT services are clearly defined, as are their prices
  • The IT department guarantees the quality of service (SLA)

By using ALVAO you won’t have to deal with the most common issues

IT is not always documented and can have unpredictable outputs. Development projects put on hold or not finished in time can have a serious impact on the entire organization and on its competitiveness. This can lead to a dissatisfied corporate management.

ALVAO helps you launch a prosperous IT department

We know that such change is difficult, and we are ready to help you.

Before deploying ALVAO, we will perform a technical and process analysis, and will design the system configuration that most suits your needs. Our ITIL and SAM advisors will train your employees and help you to set up corporate guidelines and methodologies for your system users. We will install and configure systems based on your needs and processes.

We know that the core of this project is, above all, the training of your IT specialists at all levels. You will receive full training in administration and in using your systems in compliance with the proposed methodologies. As a result, everyone in your organization will be familiar with ITIL and all users will speak the same language. All responsibilities and competences will be clearly defined. The result will be closer collaboration within your entire IT team.

We will help you to define a catalogue of services, as well as the processes to implement those services. We will help you to communicate with corporate management, as well as with all other employees, so that they understand IT services. We will help you to define the quality levels for individual services (SLA). We will set up a system to notify any people responsible for a possible breach of the SLA, and – if necessary – to also notify them of existing SLA breaches.


Sample from our catalogue of IT Services

We will design suitable processes in the agreed scope and in compliance with ITIL. We do not aim to provide you with “guidelines” that will end up on shelves and in drawers. Our goal is to make your key employees highly knowledgable about ITIL, which will enable them to set up the rules themselves within this framework. In this way, the processes will be fully functional, widely accepted in your organization, and capable of further development even after the deployment project has been finished.

As part of the deployment, we will manage all IT assets and services (CMDB) efficiently with ALVAO Asset Management:

The center for all requests will be managed with ALVAO Service Desk. We will define a collection center to manage support requests and tickets issued to your IT department by users, as well as all corporate IT tasks and tasks created in the systems that are monitoring your critical business technologies.

All processes and related workflows, defined in close collaboration with your staff, will be set up in ALVAO Service Desk. These workflows will therefore be easily available to the IT experts in your organization. This will enable them to consult the workflows during each step while working on a task. ALVAO Service Desk inserts instructions directly into any emails sent to users.


Workflow for handling a request

You will receive in-depth training in indicator reporting (KPI). We will cooperate with you on selecting the most suitable indicators. We will show you how to read these indicators in order to determine what corrective measures to take. You will learn how to analyze trends and how to use the analytical tools included in ALVAO. This will enable you to create your own charts and tables.

If you are interested, we can connect ALVAO to your telephone switchboard. With this set-up, whenever there is a call for your operators, the automated process of logging a new request will be immediately initiated. ALVAO will pre-fill the details requested and will find their tickets, based on the incoming telephone number. This feature simplifies your operators’ work.

We will help you with the correct and fast deployment of all systems, and show you the best practice for the correct entry of data. We will perform thorough acceptance testing and you will receive a fully-fledged system, ready for routine operation.

We will re-evaluate the correct operation of all systems after an agreed period, and propose suitable corrective measures. The operation of our systems is backed up by guaranteed technical support. The entire project will be overseen by a project manager, and will be in line with PMBOK methodologies.

Once the project has been completed, you will be providing clearly defined services of clearly defined quality, within a framework of clearly defined expenses.

Your staff will receive full ALVAO training

Our advisors will guide you through the entire ALVAO deployment process and the related methodologies. They will train your employees and help them to deploy the system to ensure smooth operation. All requests and tickets will be handled within the agreed deadlines and according to clearly defined standards. Your IT staff will have more time to spend on conceptual tasks, to better support your business.

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