IT in ASSA ABLOY uses ALVAO to control its internal processes

ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of complex solutions for locking door systems. During development and production, it places emphasis on security and simple control of its products so as to fulfill all the needs and requirements of users from households, companies, hotels, multifunction centers etc. ASSA ABLOY, which was created by a merger of the Swedish company ASSA and the Finnish company Abloy, is represented in all important regions both in developed and developing markets, with leading positions in Europe, North America and Australia. In the Czech Republic, ASSA ABLOY is the owner of the traditional Czech brand FAB.

What needed to be solved in ASSA ABLOY and why?

We expected that the Service Desk system will improve and provide greater transparency for IT SSC services provided to our users, who are located in several business units in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We needed a unified process, communication route and form of request delivery to users; this was achieved thanks to the Service Catalog, where each service has its own process and also SLA in case of incidents. We have recently expanded the system into other business units located in Poland, Romania, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia, Estonia and Mexico. The goal of Asset Management was then to help us in unified record keeping for entrusted IT property, with a division to individual business units, centers and users.

Project scope and plan

We carried out project implementation and setup on our own, with the assistance of an ALVAO consultant who helped us transform our ideas about system operation into ALVAO products. The primary idea was to use a complex company-wide tool for the management of IT service and IT asset that would then be divided into individual business units and their cost centers. The system operates as a interlinked database of all three implemented modules. The last part of the project consisted of the implementation of monitoring for computers in the Czech Republic.

Which features does the customer appreciate the most?

The main advantage of this tool is its relatively quick implementation (experience in ASSA ABLOY) and the interconnectedness of individual modules. This is followed by reporting for IT SSC management, where even users have access to a set of reports and views, allowing them to monitor their requests or entrusted property. „The primary advantage of the implementation of ALVAO tools is higher efficiency of IT SSC processes and higher quality of services provided to customers. At the same time, ALVAO tools save time during communication of individual requests within IT SSC and subsequently to users. Yet another benefit is the detailed record keeping for entrusted property and relatively quick implementation of the whole system,“ says Petr Cinkán, IT Manager at ASSA ABLOY.

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