Hardware Asset Management

One of the challenges of today’s dynamic environment is keeping track of your company’s assets. Not being up-to-date can lead to needless and repetitive purchases, or even to assets simply disappearing. You can address this issue by deploying ALVAO together with some tried-and-tested hardware asset management processes that will ensure that information is always up-to-date for sound decision-making about equipment purchases.

ALVAO supports you in your everyday work

Every day, IT specialists need accurate information about who is calling them, what devices they are using, whether or not the device is still under guarantee, where the caller is working, and much other technical HW & SW information regarding the device and network connection. Accurate information is also necessary for sound decision-making regarding purchases and planning.

With ALVAO you won’t have to deal with the most common issues

Outdated information is often worse than none. Keeping your data up-to-date in Excel or in a similarly simple system is a challenge. Overwriting data is usually difficult, if not impossible. Using assets management in ERP or in accounting systems can be impossible for your IT department. Spreadsheets usually don’t include suitable items, and when they do, manual data recording is necessary.

Corporate hardware and software management made easy

We know that hardware and software asset management has become an integral part of IS for everyday IT management. ALVAO Asset Management is a comprehensive system that will help you to manage your IT assets from purchase to retirement.

All equipment is clearly arranged in a tree that enables workflows as easy as those in Windows Explorer. Any changes can be performed easily with drag&drop. ALVAO Asset Management minimizes manual work. Most information is loaded from Active Directory and from computer detections. More data are assigned automatically due to inheritance in the tree structure. These formulas nearly eliminate the manual work, with exception to warranty expiry dates and device serial numbers, which still need to be entered manually. What you receive is largely automated and bullet-proof asset management.

Get a perfect overview of the current situation with network detections

Computer detections allow you to get an overview of unauthorized hardware movements among your employees at a glance: the system will display a warning e.g. in the event of an unauthorized log-in to a machine that was assigned to a different user. Information on tampering with computer hardware (e.g. removing a memory chip or replacing a component) is also readily available.

Define customized objects in ALVAO

Asset management in ALVAO Asset Management is built around using customized objects. This allows you to keep track of virtually any data in the system, including information on the services provided by your IT department.

Company Asset Inventory

The intersection area (red hatched window) can be larger or smaller.

This depends on a number of factors:

  • what funding limits have been set up for corporate assets intended for use
  • what type of organization is concerned: manufacturing companies (e.g. machines and equipment, tools, etc.), or service providers
  • whether or not the organization wants to manage smaller assets in an ERP system

Managing fixed and IT assets is made easy with ALVAO

Fixed assets are rarely moved, which means negligible paperwork for the department that is responsible for managing them (usually accounting or asset management departments). In contrast, IT assets are very frequently moved, which in turn creates a high workload for IT experts, staff, managers, and the finance department. Nevertheless, moving IT assets may be necessary because it brings substantial savings e.g. in moving a less powerful machine to a workplace with fewer performance demands instead of purchasing a brand new machine.

Managing assets in accounting (ERP) systems usually requires complex processes to be followed (handover protocols, etc.). This means that managing assets, such as SIM cards or USB sticks worth a few euros, in ERP systems is more expensive than the purchase price of such a device. With ALVAO you can manage such small assets in your IT department, so that they are managed by the employees who need them.

This will free up your Accounting or Asset Management department, and small assets management will reflect the actual situation in your organization. At the same time, you will keep control over your assets because ALVAO Asset Management is connected to your ERP system through unique asset numbers. This ensures perfect data consistency between your Accounting and IT departments.

Keep up with the times by using online handover protocols with ALVAO

Handover protocols can easily be printed out directly from ALVAO. All protocols can be archived in ALVAO. If your company decides to take a step further and use handover protocols for key items only, or retire them entirely, you can switch to fully supported online protocols.

Your employees can then simply look at your Intranet and see what assets they have been assigned. This solution, which should always be supported by guidelines, facilitates all administration and effectively eliminates the uncontrolled “loss” of assets.

Overview of assigned assets for your employees

With ALVAO you can perform asset stocktaking whenever you need

As opposed to other items (buildings, machines, chairs, etc.), IT assets are characterized by frequent movements. They therefore pose a challenge with regard to the stocktaking process. In ALVAO Asset Management you can perform online stocktaking whenever you need to. This will allow you to have a clear and accurate picture of your IT assets at all times. If you need to perform physical stocktaking, you can use the ALVAO Mobile Inventory module together with barcode readers to handle the entire process.

Your staff will receive full ALVAO training

Our advisors will guide you through the entire ALVAO deployment process and the related methodologies. We will train your employees in using our products and help you with your first asset stocktaking with ALVAO. You will receive advice on the rules that should be applied to all corporate departments for efficient operation. In this way you will receive a perfect overview of the hardware within the company, including that in any branch offices.

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