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Organizations often have to deal with requirements spanning across several service departments or support functions. One example could be the hiring of a new employee. In this case, it is imperative to notify all departments involved in time and in full, so that everything is prepared on the new employee’s start date, including IT equipment, telephones, buildings and systems access, a company vehicle, etc. We can resolve these and similar issues through workflow coordination by implementing ALVAO along with tried-and-tested processes, to ensure that all is booked and prepared in due time.

With ALVAO you have a uniform and clear system for all departments

Each organization has one main process, designed to achieve business goals. This process generates profits, provides customer service, and so on. This main process is often managed in an ERP system (SAP, MS Dynamics, Noris, etc.). ERP systems often need to be customized because the main process is what makes each organization unique on the market. Customization can be very costly, but such costs may be justified. Customizing an ERP system to meet the needs of “internal” service departments can no longer be substantiated. In some cases this would be outright nonsense.


As a result, other service departments use no system at all, or they use a system that is not suitable or that does not provide adequate support. This in turn results in decreased output from those departments, making them a burden for other corporate departments.

Providing services is already standardized with tried-and-tested practices. You can also obtain a system to support your processes, with TCO much lower than an ERP system. ALVAO will unify all corporate departments and create uniform rules to monitor the quality of their services.

Service Desk Ways of ordering

Uniform communication channel for all internal requests

Use ALVAO as a uniform communication channel for all internal requests

You will use ALVAO to set up a uniform communication channel to handle all internal requests. Each employee will know where to ask in the event of a requirement, problem, and/or improvement suggestion. All requirements are stored at a single location and are distributed automatically to the people responsible.

Requests and applications can be entered through a web-based portal with an intuitive interface, which helps your staff to classify their requests correctly and to enter all the information necessary, in order to handle those requests efficiently.

Service Desk Catalog ITIL

Requests and applications are entered through a web-based portal with intuitive interface

Solvers working in internal departments are guided through the correct resolution process. They are supported by workflows that are always displayed in the system, and by email messages sent by ALVAO with instructions on what to do next.

Service Desk portal workflow

Support for solvers by workflows

The unified system allows you to manage processes that involve multiple departments. One example could be the hiring of a new employee, where it is usually important that many different departments work together, in order to make all the necessary preparations in time for the new employee’s start date.

The first day on the job is when the new employee gains their first impressions on how things work within an organization. What would they feel if essentials, such as a computer, keys, access codes for the entire workplace, are not prepared? What would their impression be if they had to wait weeks for everything?

ALVAO ensures that everything is managed clearly and promptly

If your new employees cannot use all the necessary tools or equipment then it is impossible for them to work efficiently. In situations such as these, your internal departments often have to seek out costly alternatives (e.g. providing a temporary laptop until the correct PC arrives), not to mention the stress and operative management that come with all of this.

This worst-case scenario can be avoided easily if this process is properly managed. The manager or your HR team will start the process, and all departments involved will receive timely notifications of what needs to be done. The process is then managed by the system, so that everything is prepared for the new employee on day one. You will avoid costly alternative solutions and your new team members will be impressed by the way your organization runs.

Your staff will receive full ALVAO training

Our advisors will guide you through the entire ALVAO deployment process and the related methodologies. They will train your staff and help them get the system running smoothly. There will be clear benefit from real teamwork involving several service departments working together on different requirements that meet deadlines and quality standards.

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