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Truth prevails

We believe that fair and honest conduct is the best route to success. Truth means saying things openly, listening to other opinions, and correcting one’s own. We are truthful and realistic about the timescales, conditions, price and quality of the work we propose. Truth is inherent to our moral integrity. We do business without corruption (www.podnikamebezkorupce.cz) and support the Anti-Corruption Foundation (www.nfpk.cz) because we know that Truth prevails! 

Our customer, our partner

Our customer is our partner, with whom we share a common goal – to change things for the better. Customer success is our victory. We value the customer above all, irrespective of whether we meet in person, in writing, or over the phone. Together with our customers, we create a community of experts who inspire each other to find new ways and solutions 

We keep improving

We strive to create exceptional tools, to deliver great service and keep improving. We won’t settle for anything less than first-class in any of our company’s teams. We monitor current trends, actively cooperating with universities. We can face admitting to a mistake and have the courage to change. We say no to orders beyond our specialist scope and are fully dedicated to projects that we can do with excellence and be proud of.