Effective asset management in AVG Technologies

AVG Technologies CZ wanted to introduce a new system for the ffective management of assets entrusted to employees. The objective of the project was to enable easy central access to all data and their straightforward upkeep. The company chose to implement the  ALVAO system. Having successfully implemented for IT department use, the system has been taken up by other departments, Finance and HR.

„The ALVAO system really did simlify our record-keeping. Our aim is to have a complete overview of all our IT assets entrusted to staff and to allow access to such information through the company intranet portal“, says Jaroslav Prchal,  AVG Technologies CZ Technology Department Director.

What was the customer trying to accomplish and why?

AVG Technologies had been managing its IT assets records adequately to their needs until the explosive growth of the company in recent years. The system could no longer keep up with circumstances, and did not offer the responsiveness and flexibility to cope with asset changes and transfers. Keeping change history was complicated  and ad-hoc reporting was taking its toll on staff time.

„After implementing the system we got more clarity and speed of asset management. We have accurate and lucid reports. We chose well, as borne out by our continued interest in further asset management enhancements,“ says Jaroslav Prchal.

Project scope and plan

AVG uses ALVAO to administer 1450 computers in several sites The whole project had several phases: 1. Pilot running 2. Support during pilot running 3. Pilot evaluation 4. User training 5. Go-live start 6. Data entry 7. Physical inventorisation 8. Project completion „The whole project went according to the plan agreed beforehand. ALVAO staff understood our needs well. ALVAO has experience which helped us optimise our inventorisation processes,“ was Jaroslav Prchal’s summary of the ALVAO  implementation.

Which features does the customer appreciate the most?

ALVAO is tightly coupled to the Microsoft platform as becomes apparent in rights management and accessing the signing on to all parts of the system without separate passwords, using Active Directory and Microsoft Single Sign-On. ALVAO Asset Management simply draws its employee and computer asset records from Active Directory. Using hand-held barcode readers running Windows Mobile and ALVAO Mobile Inventory, all assets can be inventorised in-the-field and the collected data readily compared with data held in ALVAO Asset Management.

A great boon to users is the web interface on the intranet portal, which allows information access not only using comoany computers, but also smart mobile phones. „Our multilingual company culture requires the same from implemented software solutions. ALVAO system met this requirement,“ Jaroslav Prchal added.

The system is built for multi-user access. The asset records are structured in a clear hierarchical tree arrangement, and each user working with them sees only the object their access rights allow them to, keeping irrelevant records out of sight. The system is object oriented, which means that the object definitions can be user-customised and so allows for the recordkeeping of unlimited asset types.

Benefits for customer

ALVAO gave AVG Technologies CZ a complete overview of their hardware and software assets, bringing the following savings and benefits:

  • Reducing support time, since the technician has all user equipment records to-hand.
  • Asset Management self-collects large amounts of asset data over the network, saving technician time.
  • Having a summary pocture of entrusted equipment age allows proactive action and minimises outages.
  • The system very markedly reduced the time required to report on hardware to other departments, which is now done in a matter of seconds
  • In the initial project-based inventorisation all the company’s assets were found and located. Since then all notebook accessories are also recorded.

The effectiveness and productivity of the AVG Technologies CZ IT department went up noticably. Putting in ALVAO has freed-up technicians‘ time.

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