ALVAO User Activity Monitoring

Measure Actual Active Work

ALVAO distinguishes between the time spent on active work in software applications and the time when no active operations were performed (mouse movement, keyboard entry). It thus distinguishes between the actual use of software applications and merely launching them without use.

Well Organized View of Information on Your Intranet

ALVAO provides outputs in the form of graphs and tables on your intranet portal. The interface is very simple, similar to Microsoft Sharepoint, and so it can easily be integrated into your organization’s full intranet. ALVAO will simply guide you to the information you desire.

Complies with Legal Standards

In compliance with the provisions of Sect. 316 of the Czech Labor Code, the employer is authorized to check in an appropriate manner whether employees are using their assigned work tools for private purposes. During such an inspection, an employer may not disrupt the employee’s right to secrecy of mail as embedded in the national Bill of Rights.
ALVAO unconditionally satisfies these legal standards and requirements. ALVAO does not review the contents of messages, phones, websites, etc.

Organizational Structure, Security

ALVAO works with your organizational structure, and access to information is managed based on roles and permissions. Managers have detailed information about the work activities of their subordinates. All employees have access to information about their work activities.

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