ALVAO Mobile Inventory


A Windows Mobile application can be purchased alongside ALVAO Asset Management, which runs reliably on the Motorola MC3100 mobile terminal. This makes it easy to keep an inventory of assets throughout the entire company.

The whole system works with the user starting the inventory within the ALVAO Asset Management application, and selecting those assets that should be registered. The information on these assets is loaded onto the mobile terminal into the ALVAO Mobile inventory. The information can also be loaded onto several terminals. The terminal then no longer requires a network connection. Individuals authorized to carry out stocktaking can therefore easily move around your company to do this.

ALVAO Mobile Inventory is very easy to control and, with the exception of those situations when a completely new device is found, does not require any manual data entry. The application detects devices not only by their inventory number, but also by their serial number (service tag), or by their „registration number“, provided IT uses another numeric series for assets. Serial numbers today can be obtained by detecting devices on the network, which ALVAO Asset Management does.

All decision-making processes and actions are then carried out again in ALVAO Asset Management, where all the information can be seen at once. Based on the data collected, the system predicts what happened with the device and what steps should be taken next. Asset movement or any other changes can then be carried out. The final stocktaking can then be exported and submitted to the inventory committee or financial department.

ALVAO Asset Management collects:

  • Information from the accounting asset register (inventory numbers)
  • Information for automatically detected computers and devices on the network via IP Discovery, Active Directory
  • Information about devices detected automatically while detecting computers on the network (serial number, service tag)
  • Information loaded by a mobile reader from physical assets (labels), which provides the perfect overview of IT devices within your company.

Asset stocktaking process

Asset stocktaking process

Mobile inventory – Motorola MC3100 mobile terminal

Motorola MC3100 is a manual mobile terminal, specifically designed for businesses, offices, and less demanding industrial applications, which use 1D or 2D barcodes, or DPM labels (direct part marking).

Motorola MC3100

Benefits of MC3100

  • Low weight and ergonomic design
  • Optional types of integrated 1D/2D barcodes and DPM label readers
  • The terminal can be adapted for right-handed and left-handed users
  • Demage resistant
  • 320×320 pixel monochromatic or color touch display, which is easy to read under all common ambient lighting conditions
  • Long battery life on a single charge (usually 8 or more hours)
  • Microsoft Windows CE or Windows Mobile – the standard platform for existing and new corporate applications

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