ALVAO Attendance

ALVAO Service Desk can be expanded with the ALVAO Attendance module, which allows you to simply record attendance via integration with both Service Desk and the portal. It then intelligently proposes the time needed for individual tasks and requirements. This module allows you to determine the exact time devoted to all or part of a specific task, enabling you to make informed decisions in the future as to whether or not to execute similar tasks, and whether these tasks should be executed internally or externally.

This system uses a revolutionary method to automate the time sheet entry process. All other similar systems are more cumbersome, and so the information they provide is not accurate enough to reach valid conclusions; the time sheets, used for billing or internal billing, are distorted and untrustworthy. The customer may contradict the time sheets, or the time sheets may not contain all the work that was carried out, resulting in lost profit.

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