Asset Management

ALVAO Asset Management

ALVAO Asset Management

ALVAO Asset Management provides you with a perfect overview of the situation of your hardware and software used in all facilities and premises owned by your organization. ALVAO uses the latest scanning methods to detect hardware and software remotely. This will save your technicians a great amount of time, because they don’t have to check and install agents on each computer individually, and makes asset stocktaking and software audits extremely easy.

Full integration with Windows allows ALVAO Asset Management to detect hardware and software information without installing agents.

ALVAO Asset Management supports MS Server platforms and the correct use of Active Directory

ALVAO portal interfaces run on IIS and are fully integrated with Sharepoint, including Webparts

ALVAO runs exclusively on MS SQL Server

ALVAO integrates directly with Outlook for easy management of email messages and scheduling of meetings

ALVAO Mobile Inventory supports stocktaking process with barcodes

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ALVAO Asset Management Modules

Software Asset Management Assistant

Automated check of licences and installations with AI simplifies deployment of SAM processes with no additional HR costs.

ALVAO Analytics

Use eleven reports to facilitate your planning and increase your overview of the status of your IT assets, and create customized reports

ALVAO Asset Management is the ideal solution for: