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Integration with Outlook

ALVAO Outlook Add-In is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, providing a complete overview of communications, meetings, and requests in a single place. The user can organize emails by each individual request, so that the user can easily read all correspondence and access all information regarding each request. The user can easily plan tasks or meetings by integration with Microsoft Outlook calendar.

The user can then perform several request operations, all without having to leave the Microsoft Outlook environment. Upon clicking on any email, task or meeting, you see all of the necessary information and can perform relevant operations or activities. As the user does not have to switch between applications, ALVAO Outlook Add-in significantly speeds up work and improves team organization. Furthermore, the user cannot resolve a task that someone else has already resolved.


Microsoft calendar support

The system integrates with the Outlook calendar, so all of the information is in that one calendar, and additional calendars do not need to be created. The system can be easily connected to the Microsoft Exchange server. Requests can be appropriately assigned to solvers who are currently available, which ensures that requests are solved quickly. This makes assigning requests significantly easier and ensures that they are not assigned to an unavailable solver.


Microsoft Sharepoint integration

ALVAO Service Desk runs on standard Microsoft IIS technology, and is easy to integrate with Sharepoint or with the entire organization’s intranet. SharePoint Webparts can be used to display submitted user requests, links, and other important information. This gives the user a good overview of their information and makes it easy for the user to use the ALVAO system.


Microsoft Active Directory support

ALVAO Service Desk integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, providing a source of information about users and organizational units. From this, user roles and permissions can be managed from within the ALVAO system. This makes the administrative tasks related to ALVAO operation and maintenance significantly easier.


Microsoft technology support

ALVAO Service Desk is developed on Microsoft technologies and according to standards. Our developers first of all consider how Microsoft would deal with the given issues and make sure that they do not duplicate functionalities, but create an integrated system which is easy to use. The resulting applications are then certified by independent authorities to ensure compatibility with the Microsoft platform.

This approach guarantees simple implementation and long-term management. The customer therefore saves money related to operating and maintaining the ALVAO system.

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