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Advanced SW licensing and user licensing solution

ALVAO Asset Management is not only capable of basic license registration on your computer, but also of managing user licenses. It will allow you to register user licenses and evaluate these licenses during an SW audit. The results from this SW audit can be seen not just in a static report, but via a dynamic dialog, and through this you can continue to perform further operations with the data, such as assigning and removing licenses. You immediately see all the related information about your computers and their users, thus making searching for free or missing licenses significantly easier.


Agentless HW and SW detection

ALVAO Asset Management includes a unique feature for obtaining hardware and software data without having to install or launch agents. This feature saves significant time and prevents potential issues with the configuration, installation, and updating of agents on end stations.


Detailed permission setup available

ALVAO Asset Management provides users with the option to set permissions within a tree structure, whereby each team can be responsible for a different part of the organization. It also allows permissions to be set according to the type of object, meaning one team is responsible for computers, one for servers, and another for mobile phones. Employees at the accounting department can see or edit accounting properties. can see the entrusted property of their subordinates on the intranet. This sophisticated permissions setup system will satisfy the needs of any customer, regardless of their size.


Native support for Microsoft Active Directory

ALVAO Asset Management is natively integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, thereby supporting its full deployment and use within your organization. Microsoft Active Directory is used both as a source of information on computers, users, and organizational units, and as a unified point which manages user roles and permissions within the ALVAO system. Therefore, this level of integration significantly cuts administrative costs related to the operation of both systems.


Microsoft technology support

ALVAO is integrated into the Microsoft platform, thereby enabling ALVAO to manage internal permissions via Active Directory, or to automatically log in users to all system parts with Microsoft Single Sign-On without requiring them to repeatedly enter their username and password. ALVAO Asset Management accepts employee and computer data from Active Directory in a seamless manner. All assets can be registered directly in the field using mobile barcode readers equipped with Windows Mobile and ALVAO Mobile Inventory. The data collected can then simply be compared to the data in ALVAO Asset Management.


Wide area network support

ALVAO Asset Management can successfully be operated on both smaller and larger networks. Services that detect computer hardware and software can be configured into a hierarchical layout under wide area networks with subnetworks. In addition, our services include features for scheduled computer detection and evaluation. These features are important for the effective planning of server activity.


Employee portal

ALVAO Asset Management provides employees with continuous online access to their “My assets” page on the intranet portal. This portal allows them to see the assets that they are responsible for, and also the licenses they have, as well as those that are missing. The portal interface is similar to that of Microsoft Sharepoint, and as such is easy to use and integrate into the company’s infrastructure.

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