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Intuitive interface with functionalities similar to working with files

The ALVAO Asset Management system interface is very similar to that of Microsoft applications. The application is simple and logical, and file management activities in Windows Explorer. Locations are updated simply by dragging the device to a new location or employee. This helps the user to become more familiar with the system, customers save on training costs, and employees work more efficiently.


Automatic hardware and software logging 

ALVAO Asset Management automatically logs changes in the database. This means that all movement, installations, and handover protocols are registered, including information about who made the changes and when they were made. This makes it possible for large teams to use the system and to track changes effectively.

Active grids (tables)

Information stored within ALVAO Asset Management is shown to the user in a unique grid, which allows for the creation of custom views, filters, and exports to – for example – Microsoft Excel. This technology supports and simplifies repetitive activities and eliminates the need to develop “printed” statistical reports.


Auto-generated computer names

ALVAO Asset Management will support your naming convention for computers, printers, servers, etc. Simply define the numeric series and the system will manage the naming of new devices. You can also use a numeric series, or the inventory numbers of registered devices, for the naming process. This way, IT technicians are promptly informed about conflicts within the network and within Microsoft Active Directory, thus helping to prevent such conflicts.

Software Asset Management

ALVAO Software Asset Management Assistant

ALVAO Asset Management can be extended by the ALVAO Asset Management Assistant module, which inspects all computers within the company and takes appropriate action if required. This module provides an intelligent assistant, which makes the work of the IT team significantly easier when it comes to maintaining licenses. ALVAO SAM Assistant is essential to any software or IT manager in any company.


Barcode reader manager

ALVAO Asset Management includes a barcode reader manager for the effective delivery of larger quantities of devices. It supports the use of serial numbers, inventory numbers, and other registration numbers. The delivery of larger quantities of devices is very easy to manage using a reader, together with this feature.


Extensive Software Products Library

ALVAO Asset Management has a large software pattern library which is frequently updated. Pre-paid support gives the customer an entirely unique service whereby, based on submitted unrecognized software detections, we perform a detection process and include them in the next library version. This process is carried out without the need for any manual labor, which reduces workload and saves the customer’s time.

ALVAO Asset Management Modules

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