ALVAO in HARTMANN – RICO is the best ITSM Project of 2014

The winning team (from the left): Radek Grodl (ALVAO), Roman Albrecht (itSFM Czech Republic), Zdeněk Kvapil (Q4IT), Jiří Janků (ALVAO), Radovan Fikr (HARTMANN – RICO), Alejandro Debenedet (itSFM International), Aleš Studený (ALVAO)

Announcement of the ITSM Project of the Year competition

itSMF Czech Republic holds an annual competition for the best project in the area of IT Service Management. As in previous years, this year’s best projects were also announced at the annual conference of CSSI (the Czech Society for Systems Integration) and itSMF Czech Republic, titled „Managing IT in the private and public sectors“.

Like last year, ALVAO placed first in the competition with its implementation of ALVAO for the support of IT services management and accounting in HARTMANN – RICO a.s.

„We are proud that ALVAO has already won three times and that the quality of our projects and their contribution for the customer are recognized by a committee of experts,“ commented Aleš Studený, ALVAO Service Manager.

Praised parameters of the winning project

The expert committee praised especially the following:

1. A complex solution implemented in accordance with ITIL practices, ITSM processes were described, owners of processes were named, participants of processes were trained.
2. Very good cooperation between the supplier and the customer.
3. The prices for services and IT costs are well understood by and fully transparent for the customer subjects (direct invoicing).
4. Cheap and fast implementation in combination with the high quality of the solution.

„Today, we can easily show our colleagues in the business which services we provide to them, under what conditions and how much these cost. It is also clear what is included in a service and what isn’t,“ remarked Radovan Fikr, IT Manager of HARTMANN – RICO a.s.

Read further:
More information about the whole project is available in a case study of the implementation of ALVAO for the support of IT services management and accounting at HARTMANN-RICO a.s.

ITSM Project of the Year

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